Monica Viloria

Meet Monica!

When recruitment was all said and done, I knew I could walk into Delta Gamma every day with the same feeling I had walking through the house all week. That’s what I love about this sorority; genuine girls and friendships that doesn’t just last for that one week, but for a lifetime.

What's your major?

Communication Disorders

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

If I could live anywhere, I would live in Bellagio, Italy. It is a beautiful area that is a perfect place to live with all my friends! There’s a bunch of small shops and great restaurants that has a very relaxing atmosphere.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be a speech therapist in a hospital for children or babies in the NICU.

What's your favorite television show/series?

American Horror Story

Favorite restaurant in Baton Rouge?


What's your favorite DG event?

Semi Formal

What was your DG aha moment when you went through recruitment?

My aha moment during recruitment was when I found myself having genuine conversations with the girls in DG. None of the conversations were repeated or surface level and I felt so comfortable in the house every day. During sisterhood round, I found myself having a 30-minute conversation about dogs, we lost track of time, and I had to hurry out the house before the party was over! I remember feeling like time was flying bye at Delta Gamma and that’s when I knew that I could always walk into Delta Gamma feeling comfortable, be myself, and have random conversations that would make me laugh uncontrollably. 

What's your favorite part about your position?

My favorite part of this position is being a part of an experience that brings our whole chapter together. During recruitment we learn a lot of new things about our chapter members that we did not know before, and we create so many memories together. I love being able to work together as a sorority and build so many connections with each other and potential members.

Best piece of advice for a PM going through recruitment?

My best advice for going through recruitment is to be yourself. Don’t stress about your outfits or worry about your hair and makeup being perfect. Just walk into the houses, talk about things that you enjoy, and have a great time! You will meet so many great girls in every house, and they all want to know what YOU have to say. This week is about you, so relax and enjoy the experience! The process can sometimes be stressful and confusing, but as along as you are being yourself, you will find yourself making connections with so many great girls.

If you could pick one word to describe your Delta Gamma sisters, what would it be?


Favorite social media outlet?


What's your favorite class so far at LSU?

My favorite class so far at LSU: COMD 2050

What's one thing you want to do before you graduate?

One thing I want to do before I graduate is go to as many away LSU football games as possible!