Esabel Williams

Meet Esabel!

What Delta Gamma means to me changes a little bit each year. My freshmen year it brought me new experiences. My sophomore year it gave me great life-long friendships. So far this year it has strengthened who I am and aspire to be as a woman. I am so excited to see what Delta Gamma will mean to me next year and every year after that. I am proud to be a part of a sisterhood that is filled with ambitious, loving and empowered women. I know these will be life-long friends that will hug me at graduation, be bridesmaids at my wedding, fight over being my kid’s “favorite aunt” and give me flowers when I own a company someday, and for me, that’s what it is all about.

What's your major?

I am in the Manship School of Mass Communication, currently earning a digital advertising degree! I also have a minor in business administration.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

I have always dreamt about living in Santorini, Greece. The people, architecture and culture there is so beautiful. It is my goal to do mission work there before I graduate! If I had to pick a place in the U.S. I would choose South Carolina for the same reasons- plus SEC football!

What is your dream job?

My #nerd dream job is to serve as creative director at a fortune 500 advertising agency. If you would’ve asked me ten years ago my answer would have been a farmer. People change. 

What's your favorite television show/series?

I hardly have time to watch TV, but I’m on a Parks and Recreation kick right now. I would die for Chris Pratt. 

Favorite restaurant in Baton Rouge?

Oh, this one is easy- Curbside Burgers on Government. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone new to Baton Rouge!

What's your favorite DG event?

I live for our formal!! Last year I got to take photos of the freshman announcement ceremony and I almost cried when my little and her father were presented. I love seeing everyone all glammed up and having a good time with their parents! 

What was your DG aha moment when you went through recruitment?

I tell this story every chance I get. I am the first greek woman in my family and recruitment week was so overwhelming at first. I was unsure if this experience was for me until I met my recruiter at DG during sisterhood. We sat down and the first thing she said to me was, “Hi, I’m Brittany. I’m so sorry I’m out of breath. It’s been a day”. She proceeded to tell me that she managed to spill 4 large iced coffees all over her white jeans on her way in to the house that morning. I looked down at her jeans and she laughed and replied, “Oh don’t worry. The whole house saw it happen and in a matter of minutes someone had brought me an extra pair of their jeans for me to wear”. I immediately fell in love with her and that’s probably the first glimpse of myself I saw in DG. I wanted to be around people that would take care of me like that. Three years later, Brittany is now my big and we grab coffee together every chance we get!

What's your favorite part about your position?

My favorite part of is I get the opportunity to showcase how amazing our women are and how special Delta Gamma is to each of us. I am both creative and a people person, so I love that my position incorporates two of my passions in a way that can serve the chapter.

Best piece of advice for a PM going through recruitment?

I actually have three pieces of advice, and I would write 1000 more, but I’ll keep it brief. First, look around the house at the women that are recruiting and see how they are interacting with one another. A sorority should be a place of support and love, even in demanding times like recruitment week. Second, if you are having a hard time deciding between houses, imagine running down the row on bid day and think about which one you would be sad to run past. Lastly, do not choose a house based on what your sister, cousin, mom or roommate might want. They already found their forever home. Stay true to your gut and pick one that you will love. They will be happy for you no matter what, I promise. 

If you could pick one word to describe your Delta Gamma sisters, what would it be and why?

Dedicated. Whether it's dedicated to academics, charity, each other or our own personal goals, we always uphold our values and aspirations. I'm proud to say my home away from home is filled with women dedicated to staying true to who they are and becoming the best version of who they can be.

Favorite social media outlet?

I’m a sucker for a good Instagram. I’m all about photography and branding so seeing pretty grids is like candy for me.

What's your favorite class so far at LSU?

I love love loved my intro to graphic design course my sophomore year. It fueled my love for my major and is part of the reason I am Vice President of Communications for DG!

What's one thing you want to do before you graduate?

Besides mission work, I would really love to do some world traveling. For me, that would really just consist of me wandering the world in search of new coffee houses. I’ve been fortunate enough to have accomplished some of that already, but there is always so much more to see!