Sisterhood Spotlight: Morgan Schuetz

Morgan Schuetz is just like any other Delta Gamma at LSU. Except for the fact that she’s an SEC champion runner.

As a member of Member Class 2012, and an LSU senior, Morgan has also been on the LSU Cross Country Team, and the LSU Track Team all four years at LSU. Morgan has always been at the top of her races, and this past semester, she won the 800-meter race at the SEC Indoor Track Championship.

She ran it in two minutes and five-seconds. Morgan was only the fifth LSU athlete ever to win this race.

“I’ve learned so much about myself. Running has helped me branch out and really learn what hard work and dedication truly means,” said Schuetz on her running. 

In addition to being the SEC champion, Morgan placed 13th nationally in the 800-meter race.

“Not only running, but also with DG, I was able to meet and befriend so many people from all different walks of life," said Schuetz on what stands out about her four years at LSU. "I’ve also been able to learn from a lot of people and grow and see the world in a different way. I like the person I’ve become so much more because of all the people I’ve met through my experiences at LSU.”

Balancing running and DG is a lot to undertake, and Morgan does it all with such an earnest and genuine heart.

“I guess Delta Gamma is just one of those things I couldn’t see my life without. Although I can’t come to everything, I love the girls in it and feel so welcomed every time I walk through the door. It’s hard to explain what it all means to me, it’s just something I feel. I proud to be a Gamma Zeta and all of my sisters are doing incredible things all through campus and I’m so proud to be a part of that. “

We are so incredibly proud of Morgan and can’t wait to see her accomplish more both in DG and in Cross Country & Track!

- Mary Catherine Srofe, Senior