We are excited to welcome new members to Delta Gamma!


Dear Potential New Member,

You are about to embark on the best four years of your life! My best piece of advice to you would be to go into this journey with an open mind, heart, and soul. Embrace new experiences and think of your time at LSU as a fresh start and an opportunity to try new things. The Panhellenic Community here at LSU is such an amazing organization that helps women become the best version of themselves. Becoming a Greek woman was, hands down, the best decision I have ever made, and I know these friendships, memories, traditions, and experiences will last me a lifetime. I am so excited for each of you to find your place down the row and experience everything Greek Life at LSU has to offer! 
As a Delta Gamma, I can proudly say that my sisters are the most genuine women I have ever met. Being a part of this sisterhood has given me everything I have ever wanted, and much more. I have truly found my place on LSU's campus through the powerful bond of sisterhood. My wish is for each of you to feel as loved as I do when I walk into the Delta Gamma house. Delta Gamma is "for hope, for strength, and for life," and my mission as our Recruitment Chair is to find women who will live out this motto everyday, wherever they may be. Our house is truly filled with women that will give you hope and be your strength for life, and that is my favorite part of the Gamma Zeta chapter of Delta Gamma. 
Wherever you end up, I hope your experience in Greek life is as rewarding, humbling, and life changing as mine. Good luck, have fun, and I hope to see you soon! 
Best wishes, 
Leah Perez, 2018 vp: membership

Recruitment is quickly approaching, and we are excited to welcome new members to Delta Gamma at LSU!

If you are participating in Fall 2018 Recruitment at LSU, please provide this form to an alumna along with your resume and other pertinent details to obtain a sponsorship letter for the Gamma Zeta chapter before July 15. Click on the Sponsorship tab below for more details.