We are excited to welcome new members to Delta Gamma!

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Dear Potential New Member,

You are about to endure the most stressful but also the most exciting experience of your college career. This is when you will find your closest friends, become involved with the Greek and LSU community, and have many opportunities come your way. My best advice to give would be to just be yourself. If you feel comfortable in the house and talking to those girls with conversations that you enjoy, then you have found your place! The sororities at LSU want you to be their sister because of YOU. They do not want you because you have the cutest clothes or because your hair and makeup is perfect. They want you because of your character.  Be the best version of yourself! The Panhellenic Council here at LSU will provide you with so many opportunities, so find what is best for you and what you enjoy. 

As a member of Delta Gamma, I can proudly say that these women have shaped me into who I am today. I never saw myself being this involved or coming out of my comfort zone. I never imagined serving as our chapter’s director of social events or currently serving as VP Membership. Delta Gamma has given me so many opportunities that I hope you get to experience one day. This sorority has given me countless memories and friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I hope that you enjoy your recruitment and Greek experience at LSU. It definitely changed my life and I know it will for you too. I hope to see you soon!

Monica Viloria

VP: membership

Recruitment is quickly approaching, and we are excited to welcome new members to Delta Gamma at LSU!

If you are participating in Fall 2019 Recruitment at LSU, please provide this form to an alumna along with your resume and other pertinent details to obtain a recommendation letter for the Gamma Zeta chapter before July 1st. Click on the Sponsorship tab below for more details.