My Advice to Freshman 2018-2019

Why I Anchored Wednesday

Did you ever have that feeling when you were younger where you never wanted to leave your friend’s house during a sleepover because you thought it was the coolest place on earth and you never wanted to go home? Well, when I went through recruitment 3 years ago I had no idea that DG would be my dream sleepover destination that my 8 year old self dreamed of.

Coming into college, I wanted to be courageous enough to try new experiences, but I was not positive “sorority life” was included in my future plans. I had just spent the past 4 years of my life at an all-girls school (Go Stickers!!) and the past 6 years traveling 24/7 playing competitive volleyball.  I had NO idea what exactly I was looking for when I came to LSU.

It’s hard to really fall in love with a house after only spending 5 hours total throughout the whole week during the speed dating event that is Recruitment. I may have dropped my anchor on bid day, but it’s the experiences and the people I have encountered over the past 3 years that keep my anchor put! My love isn’t for the Delta Gamma house; it’s for the Delta Gamma people. Never in my life have I had so many talented, spirited superwomen that I look up to and who influence me to be a better individual. BUT the biggest thing is all 320 of them remind me how much fun life is every single day. Delta Gamma has helped me grow so much in the past few years more than I did when I was a child (That’s saying A LOT since I was a tall giant beast.) No other place has pushed me to discover the endless possibilities I can overcome and achieve. I am convinced the endless laughter, support, and opportunities this place has provided for me truly shows that this is the exact place I am supposed to be. With a multitude of different personalities, interests, and hobbies, there is never a dull moment or story that unfolds within the walls of this house.

Delta Gamma is the sleepover place that I will be devastated to leave in a year. Especially when your roommate is your best friend, it truly is the ultimate dream of any 8 year old. I just hope that every girl has the opportunity to encounter the Delta Gamma experience just like I did.


- Morgan Bell, senior

Why I Anchored Wednesday

Initially, I had no idea if I wanted to go through recruitment. I knew LSU was going to be a huge school, but I also knew I wanted to transform a very large community into a smaller, close-knit one where the people shared similar values as me. When looking into sorority recruitment, I thought to myself: "Go for it, why not?!"

My mom wasn't in a sorority, so I did not feel outside pressure to join one specific sorority over another. However, I knew after philanthropy round, I wanted Delta Gamma to become that small community within LSU for me. The girls valued hands-on service, and were extremely passionate when discussing Delta Gamma's philanthropy. I never felt more comfortable going into a sorority house during recruitment as I did with DG. I could immediately tell the girls were genuine, and that's exactly the type of community I wanted to be a part of.

Looking back now, joining Delta Gamma is one of the best decisions I have ever made. DG has not only given me some of my lifelong best friends, as well as some of the best and funniest memories, but it has also become my home away from home.

- MK Loos, Junior

Why I Anchored Wednesday

When going through recruitment, I was SO nervous. I remember going to two houses before going to DG and I was still nervous, but as soon as I walked into DG all my nerves went away. I loved the conversations I had with the girls there. They were so easy going and everything flowed nicely. It was never awkward.

It was during Sisterhood round that I realized DG was the place for me. Through our conversations, I could tell all the girls were so genuine, nice and actually cared about what I had to say. It was in these short 45 minutes that I knew I would find my true friends here and make memories that would last a lifetime.

Now here I am going into my sophomore year, and I can fully say that going DG was the best decision I have ever made and that I have found my friends that will last forever!


-- Elisabeth Sutton, sophomore

Why I Anchored Wednesday

Before going through recruitment I can remember investigating (aka stalking) every chapters' social media and websites. I read all of the advice columns and blog posts about going through recruitment, and everyone said the same thing, "Our sisterhood is the best. Our Chapter feels like home to me. I have made life long friends through my sorority." I remember thinking, "Wow! This is going to be so hard if everyone has the best sisterhood," but during Philanthropy round Delta Gamma stood heads above the rest. All of the other houses were great, but DG was something more. As I sat and talked to Rebecca, I had an overwhelming sense of calmness take over. It's so cliche' but I felt like I was "home." Rebecca said it best when she told me, "Delta Gamma in one word is genuine." This could not be more true! DG is genuine in our sisterhood,  genuine in our philanthropy, and we genuinely care about one another. This is when I knew Delta Gamma was the place for me.

Coming from North Louisiana, one of my concerns was not knowing many girls in DG. Preference night came, and Remy, a girl from my home town [spoiler alert: she also became my big],  told me she loved being in DG because it gave her a chance to branch out and make friends with girls from different places while still having hometown friends in other sororities. Right after that party I knew Delta Gamma was the only place for me and ranked my preferences that way.

After the call period came on Bid Day, I knew I was officially pledged to Delta Gamma. I was so happy I cried in the Miller elevator with random girls! Joining Delta Gamma has been the best decision I have made in college. It has brought me even more joy and excitement to my college experience. As I learn more about DG and face the ups and downs of college, I can not imagine my life without my Delta Gamma sisters.


- Ally Waldrop, sophomore

Why I Anchored Wednesday

Coming to LSU from out of state, knowing no one and going through recruitment was terrifying, but I could tell early on that DG was the place for me. It was one of those, "when you know, you know" moments. I had unique and raw conversations with each of the girls I spoke with during recruitment. Most girls you talk to in this chapter will say the same thing as I will when they think back on recruitment week; something about the house just made me feel comfortable. I could feel the ~good vibes~.

Come bid day though, it was definitely scary running into a cluster of girls knowing only a few of their faces from rush. After the running, hugging and screaming, you kind of think to yourself, "Okay, now what?" I think anyone could agree that the comfort and security that you feel during rush can easily be replaced with anxiety and fear of making new friends once you're actually a part of the chapter. With that being said though, I remember being extremely impressed and surprised by how rapidly I became comfortable in this chapter. That fear and anxiety went out the door.

Immediately after bid day at one of our new member meetings, I started making friends instantly. It was so clear that all of the other members, new or not, were just as interested in meeting new people and making new friends as I was. Now, I have made some of my best friends for life through DG. I have made so many amazing memories and it's only been one year! My absolute favorite part of this chapter though, is that while I have made so many close friends already, I know that I will absolutely continue to make more as time goes on.


- Lucy Sedky, sophomore

Why I Anchored Wednesday

Why I anchored? Well, to be honest, through the craziness of recruitment week, the only thing I can remember is an overwhelming sense of comfort in the Delta Gamma house. So that is why I chose DG, for the comfort I experienced the week before my freshman year of college. It's a sense that has remained with me to this day. Within the first few days of college, I met my best friend on preference night at DG. She’s my other half, and I absolutely know I owe my existence as a DG to her. I don’t know a single person in DG who hasn’t met "their person”, but we're also all blessed to have over a hundred other close friends. Each day as I walk around campus or study at the house, I strike up a conversation with a new DG. As a girl who only lives an hour away from LSU but wanted to have a fresh experience in my sorority, I can’t even tell you how amazing that feeling is. Meeting new people in DG has enriched my life in ways I could never imagine. The fulfilling life I've come to know in college is the reason why I choose to stay in DG. I wake up and go to class with other DGs, who I have spent countless hours studying with. I go to the house to sit on the front swing for lunch with some of my best friends, then I may go walk LSU’s lakes, play intramural soccer, or maybe rock climb with some sisters. At the end of the day, I come home to my four roommates, who are all DGs, and we may sing karaoke or set off fire alarms with our attempts at cooking. Everyday is an incredible combination of feeling at home and pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones. 

If you take anything away from this post, my main message is that DG is everything you want it to be and everything you never knew you needed.  I stay because DG gives endlessly without ever asking for anything. I hope in some ways I contribute to the sisterhood that has given me so much comfort in such an unpredictable part of my life. I am surrounded by girls who make every moment of my college experience outstandingly better and who are always looking to improve our sorority (although in my personal opinion, DG is pretty amazing the way it is). The question I answered in this post was was why I anchored, but I think the real question is, "why wouldn’t you?"


- Mary Duet, junior

Why I Anchored Wednesday

I went DG because I knew it was somewhere I could completely be myself, I knew it was a place where I could come into the house and take my shoes off and fall asleep on the couch, or where I could order 10 insomnia cookies and not have to eat all 10 by myself. 

There was always a friend to laugh with me and to cry with me, even if it was over a Bachelor episode. Most importantly I knew it would give me lifelong friends that push me to do my best and are there for me when I succeed and when I fail.

I stayed because I truly have found my home away from home by going Delta Gamma and i've found sisters that I can always count on. 

- Alexis King, sophomore