Delta Gamma on LSU Homecoming Court!

Out of the fourteen 2014 LSU Homecoming Court members, TWO are DG's! The LSU Homecoming Student Committee and LSU Campus Life announced the 2014 LSU Homecoming Court. These fourteen court members were selected from a second-round pool of 35 applicatants by a Judges’ Panel on Oct 8. Congratulations to Jennifer Tuohy, Senior Representative and Brenna Vial, First Year Student Representative!

You can vote for Homecoming King and Queen by going to  Monday, October 13 at 12:00 p.m. until Thursday, October 23 at 11:59 p.m.

About Jennifer Tuohy

Major: Natural Resource Ecology and Management concentrated in Conservation Biology

Minors: Political Science, Environmental Management Systems, and Leadership Development

Hometown: Mandeville, Louisiana

“Louisiana is known for its culture and diverse people that make up the bayou state.  The people are known for their southern hospitality and easy going spirit.  There is a sense of community that is shared among everyone and LSU is a great representation of that spirit.  Being in the College of Agriculture, when I think of my Louisiana State of Mind I think of natural resources.  We are a Land Grant university with this university’s genesis as an A&M school.  Like most incoming freshman, I thought the College of Agriculture was just about farming.  However, now when I am on campus I see Agriculture all around me; from the dairy store that sells the beloved ice cream, to the beautiful oak trees that are a prize possession, and even the famous Louisiana Saturday Nights in Tiger Stadium with the perfect turf grass.  As a freshman, I would have never labeled any of these as Agriculture but it is.  When I think of Louisiana I picture the swamp lands and great southern food.  That is my Louisiana State of Mind and without LSU I would have never seen these things as Agriculture.”

About Brenna Vial

Major: Mass Communication concentrated in Public Relations

Minor: Business

Hometown: Luling, Louisiana

“I have been living in Louisiana all my life so being in the “Louisiana State of Mind” is in my heart and soul. Here at LSU I have gained a much deeper appreciation for the culture and heritage of Louisiana. After meeting out-of-state students and hearing their experience with LSU and how much they love Louisiana, I was able to find a greater joy for staying instate. It’s nice to see out-of-state students enjoying our Cajun cooking and talking about how good it is. Every day is a different experience at LSU. Coming in as a freshman and experiencing the S.T.R.I.P.E.S. program has also unexpectedly shaped my view on Louisiana. Before this program, I never knew how to “Fais Do Do” and I even learned more about the rich and historic traditions we have to offer. Also coming through this program allowed me to completely branch out and meet people from all around the world. Hearing the reasons they came to LSU was fascinating and made me appreciate why I chose to come here as well. Being at LSU has definitely made me hold a deeper appreciation for my state and its residents. I realize that I would not want to be anywhere else in the world than the one and only, Louisiana State University.”

Gamma Zeta Member Highlight! - Jac Bedrossian

Jac Bedrossian, a broadcast journalism major, currently works as a report for Tiger TV Newsbeat. You can watch her at 5 pm on Wednesdays!

Jac has been interning for FOX8 for the past two years and after graduation wants to continue as a reporter and do free-lance entertainment.

Her dream is to one day work for E! Entertainment as a New Orleans correspondent.

Jac highlighted Gamma Zeta in two videos – one about World Sight Day and another about DG volunteering with LSVI students.

Watch her videos here!

Jennifer Tuohy serves as UIFI Intern

Jen Tuohy, vp: member education from Mandeville, Louisiana, spent one week in Bloomington, Indiana working as a Undergraduate Interfraternity Institue intern. UIFI is a leadership institute for fraternity and sorority members. UIFI allows participants to explore, define, and and enhance their leadership skills, personal integrity, fraternity and sorority commitment, and grow to expect values based action from themselves and those they lead.


Of the 160 applicants, only 20 intern positions were available. Congratulations on landing a spot, Jen!


Jen attended UIFI last summer. She applied to be an intern because she loved her experience and wanted to help others understand what it truly means to be Greek.

“I wanted to give back to something that gave me so much,” she said. "Being Greek is more than just wearing your letters. It's understanding the values and commitment those letters stand for. It's living out your ritual everyday and continuing the mission your founders set for you."

 Interns were responsible for all behind-the-scenes duties, from running errands to making posters, they contributed to sessions running smoothly. Tasks completed helped ensure the participants had everything they needed to grow as Greek members. Interns work for one session during the summer.

“This experience taught me that that a group of motivated people can make a positive change in the Greek community,” said Jen. “Having gone through the UIFI experience twice, this experience gives me such pride to be Greek and inspires me to always do good! Last summer as a participant, I began to understand what it means to be a selfless leader. I came back from UIFI wanting to create a change in our chapter that would start a trend in our Greek community. Now having served as an intern, I am even more confident in the Greek life experience. Being an intern showed me nothing great comes without a lot of work.”

Attending UIFI the previous summer as a participant allowed Jen to bring back an understanding of ritual, allowing her to portray that to new members as director of new members. Understanding Delta Gamma's values allowed her to teach them to a new member class.


“Gamma Zeta made me into the woman I am today. Having gone through recruitment as a sophomore, I know what my life looks like without Delta Gamma. This chapter has inspired and motivated me to become more than I ever thought I could be."



Written by Maddie Duhon

Morgan Simpson selected as CHAARG LSU Ambassador

Senior Delta Gamma Morgan Simpson recently was selected as the LSU Ambassador for CHAARG, an all women's organization that will begin this fall semester! CHARRG

CHAARG stands for Changing Health, Attitudes + Actions to Recreate Girls. The organization aims to ignite a passion in college-aged women for health and fitness. The organization holds fitness and team building events once a week to establish a strong community of girls all striving for a common goal -- being the best you, you can be!

As the LSU CHAARG Ambassador, Morgan will be leading members to accomplish a common goal: to be the most positive and healthy person each individual can be.

“I am so excited because I will not be doing this alone,” said Morgan. There will be an Executive Team composed of Morgan and six other women, each with a specific position. Roles are: Membership, Media, 2 Event Coordinators, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Morgan is also responsible for leading the Executive team in weekly meetings, heading weekly chapter events, promoting team building in her small group, communicating with the chapter, answering any questions or concerns, and exemplifying CHAARG’s mission by acting as a role-model.

Each week LSU CHAARG will hold a chapter-wide event where participants will partner with a local fitness studio to try out a new fitness activity, whether it is salsa dancing, Pure Barre, kickboxing - the list is endless.

“This organization is not a workout group. We are a community of like-minded women striving for common goals,” said Morgan.

Along with weekly meetings, each Executive Member will lead a small-group to foster friendship and establish support systems. CHAARG members will also be able to attend the National CHAARG retreat in the fall and have access to FitPlans and campaigns through National CHAARG.

Morgan has been a dedicated member of Delta Gamma, serving on Homecoming Committee for two years, was a Banta Babe her sophomore year, contributed to Skit Round during Recruitment, and served as director of social events. She has also been a Most Outstanding New Member award recipient.

As director of social events, she “tried to be an unconventional as possible!”

“I feel that through my extreme involvement, DG has given me the opportunity to let my passions and strengths shine,” said Morgan. “I also feel that DG has strengthened my confidence to pursue my dreams. My involvement taught me a lot and helped heighten my communication and people skills. As director of social events, I was in constant communication with numerous venues, insurance companies, fraternities, and communicating to the chapter. I think that all of that experience has definitely prepared me for what will come with the LSU CHAARG Chapter!”

This past semester Morgan started a health and fitness blog to document her fitness journey and hopefully to inspire others to do the same. She also has been doing guest blogging for the Skinnygirl Daily company as a health/fitness contributor.

You can view her blog at:



Written by Maddie Duhon

DG Abroad: Colleen Kimball travels to Nicaragua

Incoming senior Colleen Kimball recently traveled to Managua, Nicaragua on a nine-day mission trip through International Service Learning (ISL) with 21 other pre-dental and pre-med LSU students. colleen

The mission trip attendees traveled to the small poverty-stricken village of Pochocuape. The rural area has low medical and dental care.

They visited the village homes and met with the people to assess their living conditions and fill out paperwork, which acted as both a census and a medical form to send to the Department of Health in Nicaragua (MNSA). Then they had several days of "clinics" where each team, along with translators and 2 local doctors and 1 dentist, performed examinations, dental work (cleanings, extractions, and fillings), and medical prescriptions and diagnosis for the local people. They also visited a hospital in Masaya to see their different methods and had the opportunity to observe a surgery!

“The differences in medical care, sanitization, and procedure were shocking,” said Colleen.

Colleen and the other trip attendees also spent the days connecting with the local people and their children, gaining a real understanding for Nicaraguan culture and how different the way of living is there compared to the United States and other first world countries.

The end of the trip was celebrated with a day of "Sharing with the Community," where they held piñata parties for a missionary-based after-school care/safe-haven for local school children, and also for the children of Pochocuape who frequently visited the local church where the clinic was set up. Everyone danced, played games, gave toys, colored in coloring books, and of course hosted the piñata party for them!


The final day was a "vacation day," which consisted of a boat ride around Granada, a visit to the market in Masaya, and zip-lining!

“Overall, the trip was the most amazing experience, and one that I will truly never forget,” said Colleen.

Colleen is vice president: programming for the Gamma Zeta chapter of Delta Gamma.




Written by Maddie Duhon & Colleen Kimball

The Chase is On! (&OOO)

On Sunday, April 27, 2014, the Gamma Zeta Chapter of Delta Gamma, along with Alpha Gamma Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order fraternity, performed at Songfest, an annual dance competition the LSU Greek Board of Directors hosts. ImageOur theme was “The Chase Is On,” with DG’s dressed as cops and KA’s dressed as donuts. Songs mixed together included Bad Boys, One Way Or Another, Do What You Want With My Body, Toxic, Tainted Love and many others. Seniors Danielle Krumm, Alexis Reaney and Lindsey Bennett coordinated dance practices and overall participation in the event.

"Organizing Songfest was so much fun this year. The KA's were game for anything and went along with our crazy ideas. We loved working with our cops and donuts. Practices were always super lively and fun. We had an incredible time performing. Songfest is all about building relationships throughout the Greek community and I feel that we definitely accomplished this," said Bennett.

Watch the performance here



After Songfest was over, the Order of Omega Awards Ceremony began.

Each year the Order of Omega chapter at LSU welcomes Greek student leaders in to the Order of Omega who have made a difference in their chapter, in the Greek community or across the LSU campus. In addition, the Order of Omega hosts an awards ceremony to recognize chapters for outstanding chapter events, programs, and service.

The Gamma Zeta Chapter won Outstanding PHC Chapter Event for Lectureship in Values & Ethics. We are so proud to have the opportunity to host the biennial Lectureship event, spreading the message of “do good” throughout the community. E! News Anchor and breast cancer survivor Giuliana Rancic spoke to a crowd of more than 2,500 in Baton Rouge in April 2013 for Gamma Zeta’s third biennial Lectureship in Values & Ethics.

Rancic shared insights from her personal experiences in her career and with infertility and breast cancer. Her message of doing good, working hard and staying true to ones self was inspirational. When first diagnosed with cancer, Rancic did not plan to tell anyone outside her family. She used to wonder why she was chosen to anchor E! News others, and concluded that she will use her job to “do good.” She now uses the public platform she has through television to touch the lives of others with cancer. The crowd included Delta Gamma collegians, alumnae, parents, Panhellenic friends, LSU students, Cancer Services, Baton Rouge citizens, breast cancer survivors, LSU officials, and Project Runway winner Ryan Anthony Auld. The Delta Gamma Lectureship in Values & Ethics was established at LSU in 2008. Gamma Zeta’s Lectureship is a program only 18 (out of 147) Delta Gamma chapters across the Fraternity have the privilege to host.

ImageAdviser Emily Burris Hester received the Outstanding PHC Adviser Award. Emily is a Gamma Zeta alumna. She dedicates so much of her time to our chapter and we all really appreciate it. She is always meeting with DG’s over coffee, taking the time out of her day to help members with life and sorority advice. No one deserves this award more than Emily because of her constant stream of love and passion she contributes to our chapter. When reflecting on her time as DG Chapter Adviser, she said:

“I am extremely grateful for all that DG has given me through advising! I've been blessed to continue to learn and grow and most importantly have sisters become friends.”

Junior Director of Programming Geena Marano said, “I am so proud to be part of a chapter that exemplifies sisterhood and friendship in everything we do. Yay for best sisterhood and celebrating our perfect advisor Emily Burris Hester for fearlessly being the greatest example!”

The Gamma Zeta chapter also took home Outstanding PHC Sisterhood. We work to ensure no member class barriers with regular sisterhood events and bonding opportunities. “I have never been so proud of being a part of such an amazing organization and sisterhood! Our members and adviser have worked so hard for these recognitions,” said President Katelyn Gross.


Overall it was a great day full of recognition and Gamma Zeta pride.


Congratulations to Spring 2014 OOO Members:

Chelsea Bonck
Lauren Fontenot
Katelyn GrossShout out to our amazing Songfest participants:

Allison Herrera

Hannah LaFrance

Kathryn Nauman

Caroline McCaffrey

Priscilla Lebleu

Claire Wingerter

Alexis Reaney

Danielle Krumm

Lindsey Bennett

Chelsea Bonck

Whitney Sprague

Gianna Liantonio

Victoria Croft

Audrey Tankersly

Katie Matirne

Tiffanie Harel

Ashley Loze

Caroline Vinning

Brittany Klein

Hayden Dominique

Matt Morgan

Jordan Sonnier

Will Chemell

Will Fisher

Sam John Oliver

T. J. Jenkins



Written by Maddie Duhon

Poppin’ the Gamma from Around the World

College, nowadays, is primetime for students to take advantage of their youth and study around the globe.

Studying abroad provides students a new cultural and academic perspective

that we could never experience otherwise. It’s a chance to meet new people and

open our minds to see that the world is way bigger than we think.

It’s almost impossible to find a university that doesn’t offer studying abroad,

so might as well grab at the opportunity if you can.

We like to pretend that we can afford this pricey experience, but after

working countless amounts of odd jobs and begging to parents, it might actually

become a reality, like it did for Kelsey Messionnier, a member of Delta Gamma


Messionnier recently traveled to more than 10 countries and 30 different

cities in Europe last year, including England, Austria and The Netherlands to just

name a few. Along with learning about completely different cultures, she learned the

importance of many essential life skills including planning and budgeting

Messionnier said, “It teaches you how to plan, how to meet people, how to

interpret different languages, how to budget and also how to just go with the flow

because not everything can go according to plan.”

Studying abroad is more than going to school in a different country, but a

time to learn new things about yourself and see how other people live. It’s a time to

appreciate what you have but respect the difference of how other people live.

Messionnier is excited to go back to England to attend graduate school at the

University of Warwick and to further her educational and cultural experience.

She highly encourages anyone who is interested to take this special

opportunity if they are able to. She said, “A summer abroad is better than no time at

all an it’s such a life changing experience that is not to be missed!”




Written by Brittany Bonin

Amy Affiliates in TN!

Gamma Zeta junior Amy Phillips is currently affiliated with the Gamma Alpha chapter of Delta Gamma this semester at The University of Tennessee. Phillips decided to participate in the National Student

Exchange Program in order to experience something different and to "see if I wanted to potentially live

there (Knoxville) after graduation." The Gamma Alpha chapter was founded in 1949 at the University of

Tennessee and is home to about 160 members. Phillips describes her experience to be very unique.

"Gamma Zeta is twice the size of Gamma Alpha so that was a huge adjustment. I decided to affiliate and

live in the house because I knew I would at least meet people that way. If I hadn't affiliated I'm not really

sure where I would be at this point. It was really comforting to move 11 hours away and find people who

shared the same ideals as me. Both chapters are extremely diverse and offer a lot of different types of

people, which I love about Delta Gamma in general. I immediately noticed that the chapter members in

both chapters are very different, but all have the same core values that make us DG's. "

Aside from Delta Gamma, Phillips states that "I believe everyone needs to take a semester abroad or

nationally. I have grown in ways that I did not think were possible. Everyone needs to experience going

to a new place alone to learn who they really are and who they want to become. We get so comfortable

that we forget how to challenge ourselves. Having Gamma Alpha to help me to grow in Knoxville has

been an amazing addition to my experiences."

Phillips is studying Kinesiology and will be returning to LSU in the Fall to complete her degree.




Written by Sophomore Mary Catherine Srofe

National Ritual Celebration Week!

Day 3:

For the third day of celebrating National Ritual Celebration Week, I wrote a word on how we can live our ritual through the use of social media!

We’ve all been yelled at for being on Facebook during class, or checking our Instagrams at the dinner table. Get off the internet and enjoy the physical world, nothing good can come from our social media outlets right? I don’t believe this at all. As the Director of Social Media for Gamma Zeta, I am inspired and amazed every day with what can be achieved through the internet and social media. When you need funds raised for an organization, attendees to a motivational lecture, or just some wise words to brighten your day, in a few clicks of a button your message can be sent to hundreds, even thousands of people. We gain so much through connecting with local Greek chapters and DG chapters nationwide. We live our ritual in every word we post and every email we send.  The ideas that spread virally through the internet can bring changes that lead to movements. While there are plenty of negative things that can be amplified through social media, I challenge you to ignore the bad and engage with the positive. Go watch a TED talk, search through the #FaithInHumanity hashtag on Instagram, create a Pinterest board of “Small ways to brighten someone’s day”. Live your ritual and spread your ritual in every link you share because when you are part of something bigger than yourself, there’s no shame in letting others, even strangers, know how it has affected you in such an amazing way. When taken advantage of, social media can be the most inspiring, humbling, productive and motivating tool available to us in the modern day, and I believe that is something to be celebrated. 


Director of Social Media, Macy Andre

Day 2:

To continue our celebration of National Ritual Celebration Week we share with you the words of Delta Gamma Fraternity's Vice President of Communications Cori Gilbert Wallace!

Day 1:  

To kick off National Ritual Celebration Week in Gamma Zeta, here's a word from our Director of Rituals, Alec Hymel!

We all know humans are wired for listening to stories. My favor of you is to make your story of your time as an active Greek worth listening to. I come from a family of Greeks: cousin a Pi Phi, grandmother and another cousin are Tri Deltas, several DZ aunts and cousins, a brother and cousin in Sig Ep, and they are among many relatives in different Greek organizations. However, as I look at how they live their rituals, it's not about their individual ritual but rather the Greek ritual as a whole. Doing right by people because you are a part of something so much bigger than yourself. Your ritual is your story. My mom was initiated into Delta Gamma over 30 years ago (sorry mom for partially revealing your age) and she's stayed connected to her sisters from when she was in the chapter all these years later. The Ritual we celebrate as a Greek community is so much more than formal chapter meetings or initiations, it's the friendships you form and the friends your daughter makes with your friends’ daughters 30 years later. It's Doing Good, the most important aspect of our Ritual. It's Believing in Hope. I believe it's there in the darkest days more than anything. It's finding strength in those you know because the people you surround yourself with are the ones who support you and want you to always keep moving forward. It's celebrating life because no ritual can be celebrated, lived, or passed down without those who take life and live it. I hope in whatever way you celebrate your ritual you find meaning to keep living it throughout your life, and to not be afraid to change your ritual if it means you can do more good. On behalf of the Gamma Zeta Chapter of Delta Gamma I wish you a Happy National Ritual Celebration Week!
Director of Rituals, Alec Hymel