National Rituals Celebration Week

Today kicks off National Ritual Celebration Week! In 2011, Phi Mu Fraternity initiated National Ritual Celebration Week as a way for all Greeks to pause and remember why Greek organizations are so special and different from other communities: our ritual.

The Gamma Zeta chapter of Delta Gamma is excited to celebrate the beauty of ritual and its importance in the prosperity of our sisterhood. This week, we celebrate the values and the mission our founders established long ago. Our ritual, though is a part of our rich tradition and history as a fraternity, is our daily call to action to live greater lives. Our hope is to share with the world who we are and what we stand for by making the ritual come alive in our chapter every day.

Tomorrow, March 7th, is International Badge Day. We encourage you to celebrate with us by wearing your badge as a symbol of pride, devotion, and remembrance of all that Delta Gamma is.

Throughout the week, members will reflect on the impact our chapter of Delta Gamma has had on them and share their experience living out our ritual. We hope the blog does just that and focuses on our badge and Article II in the Delta Gamma Constitution.

In 1873, our founders wrote Article II as a bold statement to the world what our fraternity values most. It inspires members of our sisterhood and is forever marked on the hearts of Delta Gammas. We recite Article II at chapter meetings and are constantly reminded of the foundation upon which our organization was built. Article II states:

The objects of this Fraternity shall be to foster high ideals of friendship among women, to promote their educational and cultural interests, to create in them a true sense of social responsibility and to develop in them the best qualities of character.

Collegians and alumnae, this week we challenge you to remember our ritual and live it out, share it, and most of all, celebrate it. For it is something special and long lasting, just like our founders had intended. It comes to mean something different to everyone. Ask yourself what that is…and celebrate it with us!

That's a Wrap!

Well, I guess that’s a wrap on National Ritual Celebration Week, and thanks for celebrating with us!

“This week, boundaries were pushed in the Gamma Zeta Chapter of Delta Gamma. Members weren’t just talking about the five midterms they had this week or the latest episode they were on of ‘FRIENDS.’ We were talking about the real stuff. Very rarely do we talk about our ritual or our values at Fun Friday or during lunch; however this week it happened. We talked about the good we do, the values we share, and the rituals we take part in every day.

Every day this week, I was reminded just how lucky I was to be a member of such an amazing chapter. I overflowed with joy when I saw women wearing their badges with pride, supporting Caroline when she released our ritual celebration video, and speaking words that brought me to tears in blog posts throughout the week. I can say with certainty that that the same values I see in the women in my chapter everyday are the same values that our organization was built on, and I couldn’t be more proud to call these women my friends and sisters.

Whether on the other side of the world, the other side of the country, or right here at the Gamma Zeta house in Baton Rouge, we celebrated. We celebrated our love for our ritual. The one thing that makes us uniquely different from every other club, team, or organization. The one thing that no one can take away from us, as Delta Gammas. The one thing that binds us to every other Delta Gamma woman across the world. We celebrated.

Our ritual is every day. Our ritual is forever. So why stop celebrating now? KEEP ON CELEBRATING!”

-Caroline Thriffiley, vp: member education

“This week was phenomenal. This week was real. This week the Gamma Zeta Chapter of Delta Gamma got pumped about our ritual!!!!

I saw numerous members wearing their badges on International Badge Day. The participation in and acceptance of the ritual video created for this week filled me with so much joy. The video has almost 500 views and has been shared amongst collegians and alumnae all over the country. Collegians wrote about Article II and the values we all share—their words perfectly described how Delta Gamma has molded us into the women we are today, and how DG continuously does that.

My wish is that this week of celebration would never end—that we wouldn’t wait to talk about our ritual and values again until Initiation or until next year’s National Ritual Celebration Week, but that this would be an everyday occurrence. Delta Gamma was founded on these values and rituals, without them we would be nothing. Amidst all the social events and philanthropy events, our ritual is the one thing that never changes. Our ritual is something we can cling to in hard times and connects us with countless women who came before us and who will go after us.

It has truly been an honor to serve as the director of rituals thus far and has been extra sweet this week. I’ve beamed with pride so many times it’s crazy. To see the love our chapter has for our ritual blows my mind. Let’s keep that love going. Let’s keep celebrating forever. Because our ritual is forever.”

-Caroline Rodrigue, director of rituals

"Do Good"

Our Founders, Mary Comfort Leonard, Eva Webb Dodd, and Anna Boyd Ellington chose the two Greek letters Delta and Gamma because of their strong desire to "Do Good." This eventually turned into our motto and remains today a driving force in all that we do. Here is what Sophomore Haley Knight had to say about our motto and what it means to live it out every single day:

"As my sweet friend Caroline, our director of rituals asked me to sit down and write something for rituals week, I was so amazed at how I didn't even have to contemplate what I would write about. To be a Delta Gamma is to want to live your life to “Do Good.” Our motto is such a simple seeming concept, yet that simplicity is what gives it this eloquence and sophistication that resonates in my heart. Doing good seems like this obvious, inherit goal for everyone, and yet there are so many times in our lives when we forget. We become selfish, wrapped up only within ourselves, and only worry about “doing well.”

Wearing my letters reminds me that if I’m not on this earth doing good for not only myself but others around me, then what am I doing? I think I’m wasting my time. Everyone wants to leave this legacy behind, whether it is in a career, a family, etc. Too often I think we forget the little legacies we leave behind every day. When you go out of your way to smile at someone frowning or open the door for that stranger carrying to many things; that is an important legacy too. Delta Gamma reminds me that I am not just here for myself. I am here to put good into this world, and to implement that good not just in just grand extravagant gestures once a year or something but through the eloquent sophistication of the simplicity of every day."

Develop in Them the Best Qualities of Character

Throughout the week, women from our chapter and from different stages in their collegiate life have explained what the points of Article II means to them. Their words have made us laugh, cry, and beam with pride for our chapter and for Delta Gamma as a whole.

To wrap up our series on Article II, we finish with the fourth point “develop in them the best qualities of character.” Delta Gamma challenges us to do more, say more, and be more than we ever could have imagined, and I believe that this comes from the fourth point of Article II. As a chapter, Gamma Zeta prides ourselves on our need to continue to grow—as friends, as students, as members of society, and most importantly, as women. We strive to be women who are loyal, confident, generous, and genuine. We strive to be women who people know are the real deal and have a passion for life, Gamma Zeta, and Delta Gamma.

“At our very first new member meeting, I came to a harsh realization: I was clueless concerning all things Delta Gamma. For example, I was confused as to what Gamma Zeta was ….I thought I had received a bid from Delta Gamma. But more importantly, I was puzzled about Article II. Had I been daydreaming and missed Article I? As our member class began reciting the words, a particular phrase stood out to me: the promise that Delta Gamma will help sisters ‘develop in them the best qualities of character.’ The promise that Delta Gamma will draw out and improve upon every individual’s positive traits sounded somewhat impractical. However, I am here to testify that this could not be truer. I have found that all of my Delta Gamma sisters are so uniquely beautiful and strong. Some of the traits I have noticed in my sisters include: sincerity, fearlessness, confidence, determination, generosity, and kind-heartedness. Constantly being around my fabulous sisters has allowed me to begin developing these qualities as well. Further, the lack of division between the member classes has given me countless role models who constantly challenge me to grow as an individual. It is so special and rare that I can constantly be surrounded by such a unique environment. So although I still don’t know why it is not referred to as Article I, I do know that the statement ‘Delta Gamma will help sisters develop the best qualities of character’ is completely accurate.”

-Sydney Walker, freshman

“’Developing in them the best qualities of character’ is my favorite part of Article II because it really hits home for me. I can honestly say that since becoming a member of the Gamma Zeta Chapter of Delta Gamma, I have grown as a woman and learned more about myself than I thought possible, simply because of the amazing women I am surrounded by each and every day. Delta Gamma has shown me what it means to be a true friend and sister. Whether it’s being a shoulder to cry on, the smile that brings joy to someone’s day, or the voice of reason in an important decision, DG’s truly embody and portray their best qualities in every aspect of life. DG has allowed me to come out of my shell and be vulnerable, which has resulted in the best friendships I could ever ask for. With our strong values and goal-oriented lifestyles, DG inspires its members to become more compassionate and grateful in everything that they do. I feel so blessed to be a part of an organization that emphasizes the importance of being your best self and encouraging other people to do the same.”

-Nicole Rinaudo, sophomore, director of banners

“Caroline never fails to give warm, tight hugs every time I see her. Her heart loves others with that same comforting commitment. Libby runs marathons which is ironic because along with her body, her joy and kindness never grow weary. What stands out about Aimee is her deep compassion for others in the community and the light she shines everywhere she goes. Marisa has the gift of an encouraging heart. She knows how to listen and to love people right where they are.

My favorite part of Article II says, ‘to develop in them the best qualities of character.’ This part is my favorite because I love to call out the good in people and I think Delta Gamma does too. Delta Gamma overflows with all of the best qualities of character and that's because it draws out the best. I could go on for days listing all of the positive truths about each woman I've met through DG, but what really proves Article II to me is that each person is always stepping forward into growth.

Delta Gamma teaches us that there is always more to learn, more to improve, and more to do for others. Delta Gamma says ‘do good,’ not ‘we're good.’ We know that our work is never finished individually or as a chapter; there is always more. We're hungry to grow and this is what ‘developing the best qualities of character’ means to me. Delta Gamma removes the guidelines and simply teaches us to do good, to see the good, and to draw out the good in each other.”

-Emily Huynh, junior

“I have adapted the values of Article II as my personal values in my every day life. The part of Article II that speaks most to me is ‘develop in them the best qualities of character.’ I am a firm believer you are not the same person when you join Delta Gamma to the end of your collegiate years into your alumnae life. I can see this in my sisters and myself. Delta Gamma changes you for the good and guides you to be the best version of yourself and to always ‘do good.’ Looking back over these past four years, I can honestly say Delta Gamma has made me the woman that I am today, and I could never thank DG enough for that. For me Article II embodies the private ritual of our Fraternity and our opportunity to share it in a public way.”

- Katelyn Gross, senior

Keep on celebrating!!

Written by: Caroline Rodrigue, director of rituals & Caroline Thriffiley, vp: member education

Creating a True Sense of Social Responsibility

We hope everyone is doing well so far with Midterms! In continuing with breaking down the four main points of Article II for National Rituals Celebration Week, the third point we're going to talk about about today is creating a true sense of social responsibility. Here’s what a few members of Gamma Zeta had to say about the third point:

“To me, social responsibility means everyone plays a role in society and is equally important and responsible in building up and maintaining their respective community. This reflects the idea that every individual is essential to the whole.

At Delta Gamma, we believe that each person has something to give and bring to our chapter. Everyone is able to be a leader, officially or unofficially, and make an impact on the world surrounding us by her active contribution. Because of social responsibility, the actions of one significantly affect all. Delta Gamma, therefore, stresses that we are always wearing our letters. We recognize the importance of wearing our letters with pride and integrity because not only are we proclaiming where we belong,  but we also are announcing we share in and believe Delta Gamma’s values. The way the Gamma Zeta chapter upholds Delta Gamma’s creating a true sense of social responsibility is with interdependence. We rely on each other for support, for accountability, and for inspiration; it is our responsibility as sisters to remind one another the way we act, speak, think, and live reflects not only our character but the character and identity of all Delta Gamma. Although the unfortunate work of one can cause a lacking sisterhood not at its best, one may also transform Delta Gamma to its true potential, thriving when all decide to do good individually and collectively. And through this, we fully grow and understand a true sense of social responsibility not just in Delta Gamma but additionally in the world we live.”

-Courtney Lott, freshman

“Creating a true sense of social responsibility is something that DG has greatly improved in me in the last year and a half. Delta Gamma has given me many opportunities to be an active member of society. My favorite one of those opportunities is visiting the Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired. Every week I try to take advantage of the chance to learn more about those kids and help them in any way possible. Before Delta Gamma I was afraid to go to any social events without someone I knew. Now I know that no matter where I go, I will always find a sister. Through LSVI, Delta Gamma has changed the lives of so many grateful kids and it has also instilled in me a new confidence that wasn’t there before.”

-Taylor Smith, sophomore

“When you hear the term ‘socially responsible’ what do you think of? For me, I can think of multiple statements that express what it means to be socially responsible. Through my two and a half years as a member of Delta Gamma, I have learned what being responsible truly means. It is knowing when to say no to your friends when they want to hang out and you have a test the next day. It is accepting that sometimes things do not always go your way; therefore, you must be accepting and understanding of the outcome. It is being able to get out of bed in the middle of the night when a family member or friend is experiencing something traumatic and needs a shoulder to lean on. It is learning when to listen and not to speak. It is standing for what you believe in and not letting the view of others put you down. However, in the end, being responsible is learning how to take the experience you’ve gained and memories that you have lived through and learn from your mistakes to make the best version of yourself. That is something that Delta Gamma has taught me and this will be something that I cherish for the rest of my life.”

- Jeannie Vicari, junior, honor board: junior

“I believe that ‘creating a true sense of social responsibility’ means that DG molds (not changes) a girl into a woman who upholds values and respects herself. In other words, DG took the irresponsible 18-year-old me and helped her to grow into a true lady who is aware of her actions, along with consequences. Don't get me wrong, my mom still says ‘free living’ is right up my alley and I still have much more maturing to do, but I'm only 21. How Delta Gamma upholds the statement ‘creating a true sense of social responsibility’ will forever resonate in me, because the chapter has challenged me to be the best version of myself. I still possess a carefree attitude, but I now have a true sense of who I am and my character because of DG. I am who I want to be.”

- Allison Herrera, senior

Promotion of Educational & Cultural Interests

For our second installment on Article II, we will be discussing the promotion of educational and cultural interests. The Gamma Zeta Chapter of Delta Gamma upholds this value in various ways. Gamma Zeta holds study nights multiple times a month, allowing time with guaranteed quiet to complete work and study. Also, Gamma Zeta helps members connect with each other by allowing current and previous students of classes to meet and discuss professors and course work. Gamma Zeta’s commitment to education is evident. This past year Gamma Zeta was ranked third for highest GPA within the Panhellenic community. Gamma Zeta promotes members’ cultural interest through their personal interest groups. When these groups get together, they explore subjects that bring member education outside of the classroom.

Here’s what a few members of Gamma Zeta had to say about the second point, promoting educational and cultural interests:

“’Delta Gamma is a sisterhood built on a commitment to making the world better through not only service, but also a deep appreciation for each individual.’

Individuals of Delta Gamma are unique, but all members shares values that allow them to align under one crest. By encouraging an atmosphere that promotes lifelong friendship, Delta Gammas strive to find and create the best version of themselves.

One way that Delta Gamma does this is through promoting educational and cultural interests. Of all the aspects of article two, this is often the most underrated. Greek women are known for their philanthropies and social events, but they struggle to be associated with their intelligence. Living the ritual of Delta Gamma allows members to combat the roadblocks of Greek stereotypes. Every time a member goes to class or turns in an assignment she is wearing her letters. By living to the values of article two, Delta Gamma members acknowledge that their schoolwork is a priority that reflects every DG and every DG chapter. By valuing their cultural interest, Delta Gammas engage in their community and life. This intrigue allows members to explore ideas that will help their Delta Gamma experience grow; creating involved collegiate members and alumnae.

What DG has is very special. ‘Do Good’ is more than a motto. It is a way of life. Delta Gammas strive to “do good” in all that they do. An important way is through educational and cultural interest. It’s true that this time in a member’s life is a big juggling act. However, members should take solace in knowing they are not alone. Sometimes it will be easier to neglect this part of article two; nevertheless, members should remember that they are doing this for more than themselves. They are doing it for their older and younger sisters. They are doing it for Delta Gamma, an organization that will always be a part of their story.”

- Marissa Torres, freshman

“Aside from our other great values, ‘promoting education and cultural interests’ is the most important to me. In a nutshell, it is my ‘why.’ It wasn't until I was asked to reflect on how I felt about these particular values that I made this discovery. Deciding to major in studio arts was a very difficult decision for me to make. Countless times I have been told that I will have no job opportunities, that it isn't a ‘real major,’ asked what I plan on doing with my degree, and my favorite ‘man, you are so brave, my dad would never let me do that.’ Well the truth is: I'm scared to death. I'm well aware of the risk and uncertain career path that I am creating for myself. And sometimes I question my talent, decisions, and even passion that I have for art. I know that was a long tangent... But I realize the most influential factor towards my confidence is Delta Gamma. Yes I defiantly break all stereotypes. An art major and a sorority girl? Never heard of it! But I tell people it's the BEST place for an art major to be! I am surrounded by the support of over 300 sisters. The things that this chapter has done for my confidence is extraordinary. I'm constantly being praised and admired for following my dreams. And never do I feel undervalued, a feeling extremely common amongst us student artist. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunities Delta Gamma provides for me. Without Delta Gamma and all of their positive support, I may not have been as brave to follow my dream and pursue what I love.”

-Suzannah Burke, sophomore, director of homecoming

“I want to talk about my favorite line from Article II: ‘The object of this Fraternity shall be to […] promote educational and cultural interests;’ and how my sisters live it out every day. First of all, as a graphic design major I am among the what? five other art majors, so you can imagine my interests were not the same as a biology major! I can talk one of my sister’s ears off about how much I hate Comic Sans (and I do all the time). But, what I love about Gamma Zeta is that no matter what font I am complaining about that week, my sisters continue to listen and are engaging; trying to gather information from me about graphic design. A person’s interests are constantly changing and growing. I think the best part about this line in Article II is that as Delta Gamma women we are saying YES to learning what we can from our sisters, to grow with them in their interests, and to push them to pursue their dreams. This line most simply means to us at Gamma Zeta: work your absolute hardest within your studies because it is our duty as sisters and collegiate women to educate ourselves so we can educate each other!!”

Victoria Roberts, junior, president

"To me, promoting educational and cultural interest means that I'm always encouraging my friends and others to do their best in school and respecting others who may have different cultural interests. For example, I'm always one to invite my friends to go study with me whether I'm going to the lib or studying at the house. If I know they have a test or anything I make sure they're studying or doing whatever it is that they need to be doing. I even offer to bring them coffee or whatever it is they may need to keep going. As for cultural interests, this one is tough, but I feel that I live this out by not judging other cultures, no matter how different they may be from mine. The best example that I can think of for this is religion. I think that overall we are a very God-centered chapter and although we may not believe in the same religion, we all support each other, no matter what or who we believe in.”

-Chelsea Bonck, senior

Written by: Caroline Rodrigue, director of rituals & Marissa Torres, freshman

Article II

For National Ritual Celebration Week, we’re going to be breaking down the four main points of Article II. In 1873, Article II was written by our founders, Mary Comfort Leonard, Eva Webb Dodd, and Anna Boyd Ellington. The intention for writing Article II was to establish a mission statement for all Delta Gammas to live by continuously.

Article II states:

The objects of this Fraternity shall be to foster high ideals of friendship among college women, to promote their educational and cultural interests, to create in them a true sense of social responsibility and to develop in them the best qualities of character.

Here’s what a few members of Gamma Zeta had to say about the first point, fostering high ideals of friendship:

“Going through rush, I was trying to find the house that I could turn into my home. A home where the women were fun, genuine, kind and welcoming. I found all of those things and more at Delta Gamma. One of the things that I love the most is our ritual, and the way that we always challenge one another to live our ritual to the best of our ability. As a Delta Gamma, I think the aspect of Article II that plays the biggest role in my life is fostering high ideals of friendship. ‘Fostering high ideals of friendship’ has as much meaning and relevance to our lives today as it did when our founders established our ritual in 1873. At Gamma Zeta - LSU, we strive to develop friendships with everyone. While it's true that not everyone in the chapter is best friends, we try to make everyone feel welcome, respected and appreciated. As a member of Gamma Zeta, it makes me so proud when friends gush about how nice the Delta Gammas they met have been and how friendly our chapter is as a whole. We don't just try to be friends with our sisters, but everyone on campus. Joining Delta Gamma has pushed me to be a better friend. I've learned that being a friend means putting yourself out there and extending friendship to everyone, even if you're shy or afraid. I've learned that being a friend means always being your sister's champion and taking a sincere interest in her ups and downs. I've learned that being a friend means being your sister's touchstone when life gets tough and the first person she calls when it's time to have a dance party. Though we try our best, we aren't always perfect friends. But that's okay because no friendship is perfect and true friendship always challenges you to be better than you were the day before. I'm so thankful that I've found my sisters at Gamma Zeta - LSU and I wouldn't want to make the journey through college and life with anyone else. ITB.”

- Katie Gagliano, freshman, pi alpha: programming

“’Fostering high ideals of friendship’—a simple phrase that builds the foundation Delta Gamma sisterhood sits upon. A friend supports, loves, respects, and honors others around him or her. The friends I have made through Delta Gamma have pushed me to better myself and have motivated me to practice essential values of being a genuine sorority woman. Delta Gamma fosters high ideals of friendship, meaning a Delta Gamma woman pushes her sisters to believe in themselves and be the best version of themselves in all aspects of life. My Delta Gamma friendships are a feeling of forever in my heart. One of my favorite authors once said, ‘Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.’ The Gamma Zeta chapter has created an environment of pure joy and unbreakable support. The friendships I share with my sisters have given me confidence in my abilities to succeed in life. My Gamma Zeta sisters have not only comforted me when I am down, but they have picked me up and guided me back in the right direction. Rather it is baking a sister cookies for her birthday or driving a sister to the hospital in a time of urgency, a Delta Gamma friend can always be depended on and trusted. I asked two of my closest friends in the chapter to tell me what ‘high ideals of friendship’ means to them, and without flinching they said, ‘Friendship means to love at all times, even in each other’s weakest moments,’ and ‘Friends truly respect you for who you are and are there for you no matter what the circumstance.’ I know the friendships I have developed in Gamma Zeta will never cease to give me hope, strength, and life. My friendships will continue to help me grow as a person and live graciously.”

-Caroline McCaffrey, sophomore

“Wow. I honestly do not believe I can efficiently describe the ‘high ideals of friendship’ I have witnessed over the passed three years in Delta Gamma, but I will give it my best shot. When the values of an organization start off with ‘The objects of this Fraternity shall be to foster high ideals of friendship among women,’ the first reaction is most likely a sigh of disbelief, because let’s face it women do not have the best reputation for fostering high ideals of friendship among each other. As a member of Delta Gamma, I can attest for this object. The friends in Delta Gamma all include ‘those friends.’ Those friends that bring you coffee at 3 a.m. when you are studying, even though you did not tell them you had an exam the next day. Those friends that invite you home for Thanksgiving dinner, even though you did not tell them you were not flying back home for the holidays. Those friends that put their arms around you to help you stand after running a marathon, even though you are drenched in sweat. Those friends that scratch your back and make you laugh after a bad day, even though they have a million things on their agenda. ‘Those friends’ and friendships are possible because of Delta Gamma, and I could not be more proud of those women and the ritual we uphold.”

-Jenna Baker, junior, director of senior programming

“It is not untrue to say that many women join sororities today to ‘make friends.’ So I understand why at first glance, an outsider reading Article II might read ‘fostering high ideals of friendship’ and think ‘wow what a pompous way to phrase ‘make friends.'’ But such is NOT the case! I am here to tell you that once you experience friendship within Delta Gamma, you realize that there is no better way to phrase what you are experiencing. The words do not come from a place of arrogance, but rather a place of truth. Any fewer or different words would not give it justice. The friendships I have experienced in Delta Gamma have not taught me how to ‘make friends,’ but rather how to nurture the qualities within myself that make me a better friend. ‘High ideals of friendship’ does not mean that once you are initiated into Delta Gamma you are given a cheat sheet of the ideals you must uphold in order to be a good friend. For me, the high ideals I hold regarding friendship have come from witnessing the friendships between other members of Delta Gamma. If anyone is looking for a crash course in friendship, I would advise them to spend just one afternoon in the Ritz of the Gamma Zeta chapter’s house (just leave your food and drink in the dining room PLEASE!). Here is where you will find excellent models of friendship. I am very grateful to Delta Gamma for teaching me the importance of ‘fostering high ideals of friendship’ rather than just ‘making friends.’ It has challenged me to be a better friend to all of my friends, not just my friends in Delta Gamma. And in the words of the great Barney Stinson, ‘CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!’ to foster these high ideals of friendship til I’m ‘Delta Gam dead!’”

-Caroline Enright, senior

written by: Caroline Rodrigue, director of rituals & Kathleen Smith, director of social media

Happy International Badge Day!

Today is International Badge Day! The original badge of our Founders was the letter “H". This symbolized Hope, which was our Founders’ watchword.

In 1877, the “H" badge changed to an anchor, which is the traditional symbol for hope. The badge is a privilege that all initiated members can wear.

Here’s what a few members of Gamma Zeta had to say about our badge:

“Our badge is important to me as a new initiate because it proves to me that the friendships I make during my time here will last forever. Anchors have always been a general symbol of hope to me, but once I became a DG I saw our anchor as a symbol for hope in more specific situations. For example, I struggled a little bit in the beginning with making friends in my member class, but I knew that being a Delta Gamma meant that I couldn't lose hope or faith in finding my lifelong friends. I also saw hope in my life through the work we do for Service for Sight, the friendly words exchanged when I see another DG on campus, and the feeling I get every time I walk into our house. I have hope in everything I do Delta Gamma related because of what our badge means to me, and I know it’ll impact me this way for many years to come.” - Paige Raley, new initiate

“My badge is a great reminder. It is a reminder that I joined a sorority that is so much bigger than myself. It is a reminder that I am representing thousands of women who came before me and thousands more who will come after me. It is a reminder that all of these women share the same values that I have. It is a reminder that I have sisters all over the world, some who I know and some who I will never meet. It is a reminder that I am never alone. It is a reminder that there’s so much more I can learn about our ritual and so much more of it to take advantage of. It is a reminder to live our ritual in everything I do. It is a reminder that although I can’t share the secrets of our ritual with everyone, they should be able to take a really good guess at what it is based off my words and actions. It is a reminder to be respectful. It is a reminder to be kind. It is a reminder to be thoughtful. It is a reminder to be a good friend. It is a reminder to learn more and be more well- rounded. It is a reminder to be responsible. It is a reminder that I can always better myself. It is a reminder to do good, always. The privilege of wearing my badge is a great reminder to be the best woman I can possibly be.” - Caroline Rodrigue, director of rituals

“Whether I see our badge on a woman during formal chapter meeting, at Delta Gamma’s International Institute, or at the Undergraduate Inter-Fraternity Institute, I am reminded that this small anchor connects us all to each other. Not only does our badge represent hope, but the women wearing the badge represent of that same hope. Every day, I am reminded of what it means to be a friend. They remind me of what it means to believe in myself and the people around me, and more importantly, they remind me of what it means to live by Article II and The Oath of Friendship. From my Delta Gamma friends in California to North Carolina to the amazing women of the Gamma Zeta Chapter, I remind myself every day that I am the luckiest girl in the word because I am able to share my letters and my badge with some of the most amazing and influential women in my life.” - Caroline Thriffiley, vp: member education

“Wearing my badge is so special to me because it is a reminder of what Delta Gamma has done in my life. When I am wearing my badge, I am reminded of the thousands of women who share this bond with me. My badge is a symbol for our motto of "Do Good" and the values Delta Gamma women uphold. While my collegiate days are coming to an end, my journey in Delta Gamma is just beginning. I will wear my badges for the rest of my life to always remind myself of the amazing women I have met and to live out our rituals everyday.” - Jen Tuohy, past vp: member education

"She is the person who when she walks into a room everyone immediately feels that their presence matters and that their voice will be heard because she never allows anyone to go unnoticed. She has taught the meek to find their voice and the haughty to find humility. She understands the value of the spoken word and makes it a point to ensure that everyone she meets realizes that what they feel and think makes a difference to her. She has an adventurous soul and a passion for living out each day of her life for the betterment of the person next to her. She is not selfish but selfless in all aspects of life. She has taught me to give and serve without ever expecting a thing in return. She is a leader that everyone looks to with respect and admiration. She pushes me to never doubt myself and to hold confidence in my decisions. I have watched her teach others the value of a kind word, a good deed and the power of trust. She has taught me that it is not about the leadership position you hold or the title you possess, but rather the way you treat people, the compassion you show

towards them and the time you take to hear their side of the story that makes a great leader. Without her I would not be the person I am today. She changed my college experience and I know she will continue to change my life for years to come. She is Delta Gamma and the reason I will always wear my badge with pride. My badge is my constant reminder to always possess kindness, humility, generosity, strength and hope, always." - Margaret Vienne, alum of Epsilon Phi-Loyola, Gamma Zeta rituals adviser

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Written by: Caroline Rodrigue,director of rituals & Caroline Thriffiley,vp: member education Photo by: Kathleen Smith, director of social media