Morgan Simpson selected as CHAARG LSU Ambassador

Senior Delta Gamma Morgan Simpson recently was selected as the LSU Ambassador for CHAARG, an all women's organization that will begin this fall semester! CHARRG

CHAARG stands for Changing Health, Attitudes + Actions to Recreate Girls. The organization aims to ignite a passion in college-aged women for health and fitness. The organization holds fitness and team building events once a week to establish a strong community of girls all striving for a common goal -- being the best you, you can be!

As the LSU CHAARG Ambassador, Morgan will be leading members to accomplish a common goal: to be the most positive and healthy person each individual can be.

“I am so excited because I will not be doing this alone,” said Morgan. There will be an Executive Team composed of Morgan and six other women, each with a specific position. Roles are: Membership, Media, 2 Event Coordinators, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Morgan is also responsible for leading the Executive team in weekly meetings, heading weekly chapter events, promoting team building in her small group, communicating with the chapter, answering any questions or concerns, and exemplifying CHAARG’s mission by acting as a role-model.

Each week LSU CHAARG will hold a chapter-wide event where participants will partner with a local fitness studio to try out a new fitness activity, whether it is salsa dancing, Pure Barre, kickboxing - the list is endless.

“This organization is not a workout group. We are a community of like-minded women striving for common goals,” said Morgan.

Along with weekly meetings, each Executive Member will lead a small-group to foster friendship and establish support systems. CHAARG members will also be able to attend the National CHAARG retreat in the fall and have access to FitPlans and campaigns through National CHAARG.

Morgan has been a dedicated member of Delta Gamma, serving on Homecoming Committee for two years, was a Banta Babe her sophomore year, contributed to Skit Round during Recruitment, and served as director of social events. She has also been a Most Outstanding New Member award recipient.

As director of social events, she “tried to be an unconventional as possible!”

“I feel that through my extreme involvement, DG has given me the opportunity to let my passions and strengths shine,” said Morgan. “I also feel that DG has strengthened my confidence to pursue my dreams. My involvement taught me a lot and helped heighten my communication and people skills. As director of social events, I was in constant communication with numerous venues, insurance companies, fraternities, and communicating to the chapter. I think that all of that experience has definitely prepared me for what will come with the LSU CHAARG Chapter!”

This past semester Morgan started a health and fitness blog to document her fitness journey and hopefully to inspire others to do the same. She also has been doing guest blogging for the Skinnygirl Daily company as a health/fitness contributor.

You can view her blog at:



Written by Maddie Duhon