DG Abroad: Colleen Kimball travels to Nicaragua

Incoming senior Colleen Kimball recently traveled to Managua, Nicaragua on a nine-day mission trip through International Service Learning (ISL) with 21 other pre-dental and pre-med LSU students. colleen

The mission trip attendees traveled to the small poverty-stricken village of Pochocuape. The rural area has low medical and dental care.

They visited the village homes and met with the people to assess their living conditions and fill out paperwork, which acted as both a census and a medical form to send to the Department of Health in Nicaragua (MNSA). Then they had several days of "clinics" where each team, along with translators and 2 local doctors and 1 dentist, performed examinations, dental work (cleanings, extractions, and fillings), and medical prescriptions and diagnosis for the local people. They also visited a hospital in Masaya to see their different methods and had the opportunity to observe a surgery!

“The differences in medical care, sanitization, and procedure were shocking,” said Colleen.

Colleen and the other trip attendees also spent the days connecting with the local people and their children, gaining a real understanding for Nicaraguan culture and how different the way of living is there compared to the United States and other first world countries.

The end of the trip was celebrated with a day of "Sharing with the Community," where they held piñata parties for a missionary-based after-school care/safe-haven for local school children, and also for the children of Pochocuape who frequently visited the local church where the clinic was set up. Everyone danced, played games, gave toys, colored in coloring books, and of course hosted the piñata party for them!


The final day was a "vacation day," which consisted of a boat ride around Granada, a visit to the market in Masaya, and zip-lining!

“Overall, the trip was the most amazing experience, and one that I will truly never forget,” said Colleen.

Colleen is vice president: programming for the Gamma Zeta chapter of Delta Gamma.




Written by Maddie Duhon & Colleen Kimball