DG's Got Game!

On February 1st, GZ headed out to The Keg in Lafayette for an award winning evening! Our annual spring GRUB (Girls Round Up Boys) was titled "We've Got Game" which encompassed every kind of game you can imagine! Girls and their dates got very creative, all the way from board games to video games to Olympic games! The evening was a huge success and a great bonding activity all thanks to our Director of Special Events Ashley Loze! Here's a few things Ashley had to say about the evening..

What was the hardest part about planning grub?
I wanted everyone to have a great time. So, trying to make the event go perfectly was a big worry for me.
How do you think events such as grub benefit our chapter?
Special events are a great way for our chapter to let loose and have fun with one another.
What are you most excited about as Director of Special Events?
I am mostly excited to see everyone having a good time. I had fun at GRUB because I saw everyone else having fun.
What was your favorite costume of the night?
Lyndsay Neel, Lindsey Bennett, and Annie Krasnow all the way! (Pictured Below)



Uno Costume