Delta Gamma on LSU Homecoming Court!

Out of the fourteen 2014 LSU Homecoming Court members, TWO are DG's! The LSU Homecoming Student Committee and LSU Campus Life announced the 2014 LSU Homecoming Court. These fourteen court members were selected from a second-round pool of 35 applicatants by a Judges’ Panel on Oct 8. Congratulations to Jennifer Tuohy, Senior Representative and Brenna Vial, First Year Student Representative!

You can vote for Homecoming King and Queen by going to  Monday, October 13 at 12:00 p.m. until Thursday, October 23 at 11:59 p.m.

About Jennifer Tuohy

Major: Natural Resource Ecology and Management concentrated in Conservation Biology

Minors: Political Science, Environmental Management Systems, and Leadership Development

Hometown: Mandeville, Louisiana

“Louisiana is known for its culture and diverse people that make up the bayou state.  The people are known for their southern hospitality and easy going spirit.  There is a sense of community that is shared among everyone and LSU is a great representation of that spirit.  Being in the College of Agriculture, when I think of my Louisiana State of Mind I think of natural resources.  We are a Land Grant university with this university’s genesis as an A&M school.  Like most incoming freshman, I thought the College of Agriculture was just about farming.  However, now when I am on campus I see Agriculture all around me; from the dairy store that sells the beloved ice cream, to the beautiful oak trees that are a prize possession, and even the famous Louisiana Saturday Nights in Tiger Stadium with the perfect turf grass.  As a freshman, I would have never labeled any of these as Agriculture but it is.  When I think of Louisiana I picture the swamp lands and great southern food.  That is my Louisiana State of Mind and without LSU I would have never seen these things as Agriculture.”

About Brenna Vial

Major: Mass Communication concentrated in Public Relations

Minor: Business

Hometown: Luling, Louisiana

“I have been living in Louisiana all my life so being in the “Louisiana State of Mind” is in my heart and soul. Here at LSU I have gained a much deeper appreciation for the culture and heritage of Louisiana. After meeting out-of-state students and hearing their experience with LSU and how much they love Louisiana, I was able to find a greater joy for staying instate. It’s nice to see out-of-state students enjoying our Cajun cooking and talking about how good it is. Every day is a different experience at LSU. Coming in as a freshman and experiencing the S.T.R.I.P.E.S. program has also unexpectedly shaped my view on Louisiana. Before this program, I never knew how to “Fais Do Do” and I even learned more about the rich and historic traditions we have to offer. Also coming through this program allowed me to completely branch out and meet people from all around the world. Hearing the reasons they came to LSU was fascinating and made me appreciate why I chose to come here as well. Being at LSU has definitely made me hold a deeper appreciation for my state and its residents. I realize that I would not want to be anywhere else in the world than the one and only, Louisiana State University.”