Happy International Badge Day!

Today is International Badge Day! The original badge of our Founders was the letter “H". This symbolized Hope, which was our Founders’ watchword.

In 1877, the “H" badge changed to an anchor, which is the traditional symbol for hope. The badge is a privilege that all initiated members can wear.

Here’s what a few members of Gamma Zeta had to say about our badge:

“Our badge is important to me as a new initiate because it proves to me that the friendships I make during my time here will last forever. Anchors have always been a general symbol of hope to me, but once I became a DG I saw our anchor as a symbol for hope in more specific situations. For example, I struggled a little bit in the beginning with making friends in my member class, but I knew that being a Delta Gamma meant that I couldn't lose hope or faith in finding my lifelong friends. I also saw hope in my life through the work we do for Service for Sight, the friendly words exchanged when I see another DG on campus, and the feeling I get every time I walk into our house. I have hope in everything I do Delta Gamma related because of what our badge means to me, and I know it’ll impact me this way for many years to come.” - Paige Raley, new initiate

“My badge is a great reminder. It is a reminder that I joined a sorority that is so much bigger than myself. It is a reminder that I am representing thousands of women who came before me and thousands more who will come after me. It is a reminder that all of these women share the same values that I have. It is a reminder that I have sisters all over the world, some who I know and some who I will never meet. It is a reminder that I am never alone. It is a reminder that there’s so much more I can learn about our ritual and so much more of it to take advantage of. It is a reminder to live our ritual in everything I do. It is a reminder that although I can’t share the secrets of our ritual with everyone, they should be able to take a really good guess at what it is based off my words and actions. It is a reminder to be respectful. It is a reminder to be kind. It is a reminder to be thoughtful. It is a reminder to be a good friend. It is a reminder to learn more and be more well- rounded. It is a reminder to be responsible. It is a reminder that I can always better myself. It is a reminder to do good, always. The privilege of wearing my badge is a great reminder to be the best woman I can possibly be.” - Caroline Rodrigue, director of rituals

“Whether I see our badge on a woman during formal chapter meeting, at Delta Gamma’s International Institute, or at the Undergraduate Inter-Fraternity Institute, I am reminded that this small anchor connects us all to each other. Not only does our badge represent hope, but the women wearing the badge represent of that same hope. Every day, I am reminded of what it means to be a friend. They remind me of what it means to believe in myself and the people around me, and more importantly, they remind me of what it means to live by Article II and The Oath of Friendship. From my Delta Gamma friends in California to North Carolina to the amazing women of the Gamma Zeta Chapter, I remind myself every day that I am the luckiest girl in the word because I am able to share my letters and my badge with some of the most amazing and influential women in my life.” - Caroline Thriffiley, vp: member education

“Wearing my badge is so special to me because it is a reminder of what Delta Gamma has done in my life. When I am wearing my badge, I am reminded of the thousands of women who share this bond with me. My badge is a symbol for our motto of "Do Good" and the values Delta Gamma women uphold. While my collegiate days are coming to an end, my journey in Delta Gamma is just beginning. I will wear my badges for the rest of my life to always remind myself of the amazing women I have met and to live out our rituals everyday.” - Jen Tuohy, past vp: member education

"She is the person who when she walks into a room everyone immediately feels that their presence matters and that their voice will be heard because she never allows anyone to go unnoticed. She has taught the meek to find their voice and the haughty to find humility. She understands the value of the spoken word and makes it a point to ensure that everyone she meets realizes that what they feel and think makes a difference to her. She has an adventurous soul and a passion for living out each day of her life for the betterment of the person next to her. She is not selfish but selfless in all aspects of life. She has taught me to give and serve without ever expecting a thing in return. She is a leader that everyone looks to with respect and admiration. She pushes me to never doubt myself and to hold confidence in my decisions. I have watched her teach others the value of a kind word, a good deed and the power of trust. She has taught me that it is not about the leadership position you hold or the title you possess, but rather the way you treat people, the compassion you show

towards them and the time you take to hear their side of the story that makes a great leader. Without her I would not be the person I am today. She changed my college experience and I know she will continue to change my life for years to come. She is Delta Gamma and the reason I will always wear my badge with pride. My badge is my constant reminder to always possess kindness, humility, generosity, strength and hope, always." - Margaret Vienne, alum of Epsilon Phi-Loyola, Gamma Zeta rituals adviser

National Ritual Celebration Week video url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeR7tqOJXlI

Written by: Caroline Rodrigue,director of rituals & Caroline Thriffiley,vp: member education Photo by: Kathleen Smith, director of social media