2016 Golden Anchor Ball

The Golden Anchor Ball is always an event everyone looks forward too. It is filled with so much excitement! For me personally, it is one of the only nights of the year that I actually get to go get my nails done, do my hair up nice, wear a little more makeup than what might be considered socially acceptable, and wear a dress that makes me feel like a million dollars. However, there is so much more to formal. It’s a time to welcome in our new initiates and bond with all of the sisters we don’t always get to see.

We all have busy schedules and don’t always have the time we wish we did to hang out with all of our sisters. Fortunately, formal is one of the best times to do just that.

As sophomore Rachel Rovira puts it, “I always love formal because it gives us a reason to relax and be around the people we love and feel special for a night! We are forced to make time for all the girls in DG that we don’t always get to see because of our busy schedules!”

What could be better than dancing the night away with all of your sisters?! 

Not only do all of the sisters of Delta Gamma get to experience the fun of formal, but so do the parents of all of the new initiates!

As freshman Leah Haile said, “One thing I really liked the most about formal and I think made it a really awesome experience for everyone who came was the band and the music they played! They played a mixture of older and newer music which was nice because it made the parents want to stay and ‘attempt’ to dance like in my dad’s case.”

That’s right, Delta Gamma parents know how to have a good time. It’s so fun being able to let go of any worries and just have a good time with your parents when you’re a freshman. I know that was one of the highlights of my freshman year formal!

Although the dancing is fun, one of the most important things formal is about is presenting all of Delta Gamma’s beautiful new initiates. It is such a special moment to be presented as an official member of Delta Gamma. Formal is the final stamp as a new initiate. You have learned all of the history of our chapter, been initiated into the chapter, and now you get to be formally presented as a woman of Delta Gamma. What a thrill to celebrate all of our new sisters!

Over all, formal brought all of the sisters of Delta Gamma together for an unforgettable night!

- Katie O'Quin, Sophomore