Why I Anchored Wednesday

Every potential member goes through recruitment week dreaming of the house and the sisterhood of their dreams. For some girls their perfect home revolves around leadership, for some it's friendship, and for others it's being a part of something bigger than themselves. For me, this year has been about figuring out exactly what being a sorority woman and the Delta Gamma means to me.

Even though I fell in love with DG from the beginning there was no way I could've realized how much it would end up meaning to me. For me, Delta Gamma means dedication and goals. Every day I surround myself with these women that are not only dedicated to others but also their own dreams, aspirations, and the women they wish to become. And whether it's a chapter wide goal or something as simple as getting to the gym after a tough day, it never ceases to amaze me how driven my sisters are. 

I decided to anchor because I realized that I wanted to be surrounded by not only smart, confident, beautiful women but also those that will hold me to my best character and push me to become the best version of myself. 

There is no doubt in my mind that DG is where I was meant to call home.

- Esabel Williams, Sophomore