Why I Anchored Wednesday

Going through recruitment was a no-brainer for me; however, I initially had no idea what sorority I wanted to join. I wasn’t a legacy and it was up to me to choose the path for me and my younger sister. Even after the first round, I knew that just like recruitment, Delta Gamma was a no-brainer! I felt relaxed when I walked through the Delta Gamma house, and I connected with every girl I spoke with for a different reason; each conversation was unique.

I was attracted to Delta Gamma because of the personality that every person sees from the outside. I sensed and appreciated so many aspects about DG from the attention to academics to the excitement about Paint your Date! But what set Delta Gamma girls apart from all the others was the sisterhood that bonded them; something you don’t truly experience until after the excitement of bid day. I came to find that every girl has a place in DG—she has her best friends, an all-encompassing support system, and as cheesy as it is her home away from home!

I can proudly say that the reasons I went DG are the same reasons I chose to stay in DG. I love that I can plop on the couch and can take a nap or talk to anyone who walks through. I have found best friends in every member class that I know would walk through fire for me, and I would do the same for any of them. The girls in our sorority are all amazing individuals who each bring something to the table, and that’s what means so much to me. DG has given me some of my favorite memories and I share them with even better people. We’ve all been given a gift so special, and the gift of DG bonds us as sistas for life!

-- Claire Fisher, sophomore