Amy Affiliates in TN!

Gamma Zeta junior Amy Phillips is currently affiliated with the Gamma Alpha chapter of Delta Gamma this semester at The University of Tennessee. Phillips decided to participate in the National Student

Exchange Program in order to experience something different and to "see if I wanted to potentially live

there (Knoxville) after graduation." The Gamma Alpha chapter was founded in 1949 at the University of

Tennessee and is home to about 160 members. Phillips describes her experience to be very unique.

"Gamma Zeta is twice the size of Gamma Alpha so that was a huge adjustment. I decided to affiliate and

live in the house because I knew I would at least meet people that way. If I hadn't affiliated I'm not really

sure where I would be at this point. It was really comforting to move 11 hours away and find people who

shared the same ideals as me. Both chapters are extremely diverse and offer a lot of different types of

people, which I love about Delta Gamma in general. I immediately noticed that the chapter members in

both chapters are very different, but all have the same core values that make us DG's. "

Aside from Delta Gamma, Phillips states that "I believe everyone needs to take a semester abroad or

nationally. I have grown in ways that I did not think were possible. Everyone needs to experience going

to a new place alone to learn who they really are and who they want to become. We get so comfortable

that we forget how to challenge ourselves. Having Gamma Alpha to help me to grow in Knoxville has

been an amazing addition to my experiences."

Phillips is studying Kinesiology and will be returning to LSU in the Fall to complete her degree.




Written by Sophomore Mary Catherine Srofe