Poppin’ the Gamma from Around the World

College, nowadays, is primetime for students to take advantage of their youth and study around the globe.

Studying abroad provides students a new cultural and academic perspective

that we could never experience otherwise. It’s a chance to meet new people and

open our minds to see that the world is way bigger than we think.

It’s almost impossible to find a university that doesn’t offer studying abroad,

so might as well grab at the opportunity if you can.

We like to pretend that we can afford this pricey experience, but after

working countless amounts of odd jobs and begging to parents, it might actually

become a reality, like it did for Kelsey Messionnier, a member of Delta Gamma


Messionnier recently traveled to more than 10 countries and 30 different

cities in Europe last year, including England, Austria and The Netherlands to just

name a few. Along with learning about completely different cultures, she learned the

importance of many essential life skills including planning and budgeting

Messionnier said, “It teaches you how to plan, how to meet people, how to

interpret different languages, how to budget and also how to just go with the flow

because not everything can go according to plan.”

Studying abroad is more than going to school in a different country, but a

time to learn new things about yourself and see how other people live. It’s a time to

appreciate what you have but respect the difference of how other people live.

Messionnier is excited to go back to England to attend graduate school at the

University of Warwick and to further her educational and cultural experience.

She highly encourages anyone who is interested to take this special

opportunity if they are able to. She said, “A summer abroad is better than no time at

all an it’s such a life changing experience that is not to be missed!”




Written by Brittany Bonin