Creating a True Sense of Social Responsibility

We hope everyone is doing well so far with Midterms! In continuing with breaking down the four main points of Article II for National Rituals Celebration Week, the third point we're going to talk about about today is creating a true sense of social responsibility. Here’s what a few members of Gamma Zeta had to say about the third point:

“To me, social responsibility means everyone plays a role in society and is equally important and responsible in building up and maintaining their respective community. This reflects the idea that every individual is essential to the whole.

At Delta Gamma, we believe that each person has something to give and bring to our chapter. Everyone is able to be a leader, officially or unofficially, and make an impact on the world surrounding us by her active contribution. Because of social responsibility, the actions of one significantly affect all. Delta Gamma, therefore, stresses that we are always wearing our letters. We recognize the importance of wearing our letters with pride and integrity because not only are we proclaiming where we belong,  but we also are announcing we share in and believe Delta Gamma’s values. The way the Gamma Zeta chapter upholds Delta Gamma’s creating a true sense of social responsibility is with interdependence. We rely on each other for support, for accountability, and for inspiration; it is our responsibility as sisters to remind one another the way we act, speak, think, and live reflects not only our character but the character and identity of all Delta Gamma. Although the unfortunate work of one can cause a lacking sisterhood not at its best, one may also transform Delta Gamma to its true potential, thriving when all decide to do good individually and collectively. And through this, we fully grow and understand a true sense of social responsibility not just in Delta Gamma but additionally in the world we live.”

-Courtney Lott, freshman

“Creating a true sense of social responsibility is something that DG has greatly improved in me in the last year and a half. Delta Gamma has given me many opportunities to be an active member of society. My favorite one of those opportunities is visiting the Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired. Every week I try to take advantage of the chance to learn more about those kids and help them in any way possible. Before Delta Gamma I was afraid to go to any social events without someone I knew. Now I know that no matter where I go, I will always find a sister. Through LSVI, Delta Gamma has changed the lives of so many grateful kids and it has also instilled in me a new confidence that wasn’t there before.”

-Taylor Smith, sophomore

“When you hear the term ‘socially responsible’ what do you think of? For me, I can think of multiple statements that express what it means to be socially responsible. Through my two and a half years as a member of Delta Gamma, I have learned what being responsible truly means. It is knowing when to say no to your friends when they want to hang out and you have a test the next day. It is accepting that sometimes things do not always go your way; therefore, you must be accepting and understanding of the outcome. It is being able to get out of bed in the middle of the night when a family member or friend is experiencing something traumatic and needs a shoulder to lean on. It is learning when to listen and not to speak. It is standing for what you believe in and not letting the view of others put you down. However, in the end, being responsible is learning how to take the experience you’ve gained and memories that you have lived through and learn from your mistakes to make the best version of yourself. That is something that Delta Gamma has taught me and this will be something that I cherish for the rest of my life.”

- Jeannie Vicari, junior, honor board: junior

“I believe that ‘creating a true sense of social responsibility’ means that DG molds (not changes) a girl into a woman who upholds values and respects herself. In other words, DG took the irresponsible 18-year-old me and helped her to grow into a true lady who is aware of her actions, along with consequences. Don't get me wrong, my mom still says ‘free living’ is right up my alley and I still have much more maturing to do, but I'm only 21. How Delta Gamma upholds the statement ‘creating a true sense of social responsibility’ will forever resonate in me, because the chapter has challenged me to be the best version of myself. I still possess a carefree attitude, but I now have a true sense of who I am and my character because of DG. I am who I want to be.”

- Allison Herrera, senior