Develop in Them the Best Qualities of Character

Throughout the week, women from our chapter and from different stages in their collegiate life have explained what the points of Article II means to them. Their words have made us laugh, cry, and beam with pride for our chapter and for Delta Gamma as a whole.

To wrap up our series on Article II, we finish with the fourth point “develop in them the best qualities of character.” Delta Gamma challenges us to do more, say more, and be more than we ever could have imagined, and I believe that this comes from the fourth point of Article II. As a chapter, Gamma Zeta prides ourselves on our need to continue to grow—as friends, as students, as members of society, and most importantly, as women. We strive to be women who are loyal, confident, generous, and genuine. We strive to be women who people know are the real deal and have a passion for life, Gamma Zeta, and Delta Gamma.

“At our very first new member meeting, I came to a harsh realization: I was clueless concerning all things Delta Gamma. For example, I was confused as to what Gamma Zeta was ….I thought I had received a bid from Delta Gamma. But more importantly, I was puzzled about Article II. Had I been daydreaming and missed Article I? As our member class began reciting the words, a particular phrase stood out to me: the promise that Delta Gamma will help sisters ‘develop in them the best qualities of character.’ The promise that Delta Gamma will draw out and improve upon every individual’s positive traits sounded somewhat impractical. However, I am here to testify that this could not be truer. I have found that all of my Delta Gamma sisters are so uniquely beautiful and strong. Some of the traits I have noticed in my sisters include: sincerity, fearlessness, confidence, determination, generosity, and kind-heartedness. Constantly being around my fabulous sisters has allowed me to begin developing these qualities as well. Further, the lack of division between the member classes has given me countless role models who constantly challenge me to grow as an individual. It is so special and rare that I can constantly be surrounded by such a unique environment. So although I still don’t know why it is not referred to as Article I, I do know that the statement ‘Delta Gamma will help sisters develop the best qualities of character’ is completely accurate.”

-Sydney Walker, freshman

“’Developing in them the best qualities of character’ is my favorite part of Article II because it really hits home for me. I can honestly say that since becoming a member of the Gamma Zeta Chapter of Delta Gamma, I have grown as a woman and learned more about myself than I thought possible, simply because of the amazing women I am surrounded by each and every day. Delta Gamma has shown me what it means to be a true friend and sister. Whether it’s being a shoulder to cry on, the smile that brings joy to someone’s day, or the voice of reason in an important decision, DG’s truly embody and portray their best qualities in every aspect of life. DG has allowed me to come out of my shell and be vulnerable, which has resulted in the best friendships I could ever ask for. With our strong values and goal-oriented lifestyles, DG inspires its members to become more compassionate and grateful in everything that they do. I feel so blessed to be a part of an organization that emphasizes the importance of being your best self and encouraging other people to do the same.”

-Nicole Rinaudo, sophomore, director of banners

“Caroline never fails to give warm, tight hugs every time I see her. Her heart loves others with that same comforting commitment. Libby runs marathons which is ironic because along with her body, her joy and kindness never grow weary. What stands out about Aimee is her deep compassion for others in the community and the light she shines everywhere she goes. Marisa has the gift of an encouraging heart. She knows how to listen and to love people right where they are.

My favorite part of Article II says, ‘to develop in them the best qualities of character.’ This part is my favorite because I love to call out the good in people and I think Delta Gamma does too. Delta Gamma overflows with all of the best qualities of character and that's because it draws out the best. I could go on for days listing all of the positive truths about each woman I've met through DG, but what really proves Article II to me is that each person is always stepping forward into growth.

Delta Gamma teaches us that there is always more to learn, more to improve, and more to do for others. Delta Gamma says ‘do good,’ not ‘we're good.’ We know that our work is never finished individually or as a chapter; there is always more. We're hungry to grow and this is what ‘developing the best qualities of character’ means to me. Delta Gamma removes the guidelines and simply teaches us to do good, to see the good, and to draw out the good in each other.”

-Emily Huynh, junior

“I have adapted the values of Article II as my personal values in my every day life. The part of Article II that speaks most to me is ‘develop in them the best qualities of character.’ I am a firm believer you are not the same person when you join Delta Gamma to the end of your collegiate years into your alumnae life. I can see this in my sisters and myself. Delta Gamma changes you for the good and guides you to be the best version of yourself and to always ‘do good.’ Looking back over these past four years, I can honestly say Delta Gamma has made me the woman that I am today, and I could never thank DG enough for that. For me Article II embodies the private ritual of our Fraternity and our opportunity to share it in a public way.”

- Katelyn Gross, senior

Keep on celebrating!!

Written by: Caroline Rodrigue, director of rituals & Caroline Thriffiley, vp: member education