"Do Good"

Our Founders, Mary Comfort Leonard, Eva Webb Dodd, and Anna Boyd Ellington chose the two Greek letters Delta and Gamma because of their strong desire to "Do Good." This eventually turned into our motto and remains today a driving force in all that we do. Here is what Sophomore Haley Knight had to say about our motto and what it means to live it out every single day:

"As my sweet friend Caroline, our director of rituals asked me to sit down and write something for rituals week, I was so amazed at how I didn't even have to contemplate what I would write about. To be a Delta Gamma is to want to live your life to “Do Good.” Our motto is such a simple seeming concept, yet that simplicity is what gives it this eloquence and sophistication that resonates in my heart. Doing good seems like this obvious, inherit goal for everyone, and yet there are so many times in our lives when we forget. We become selfish, wrapped up only within ourselves, and only worry about “doing well.”

Wearing my letters reminds me that if I’m not on this earth doing good for not only myself but others around me, then what am I doing? I think I’m wasting my time. Everyone wants to leave this legacy behind, whether it is in a career, a family, etc. Too often I think we forget the little legacies we leave behind every day. When you go out of your way to smile at someone frowning or open the door for that stranger carrying to many things; that is an important legacy too. Delta Gamma reminds me that I am not just here for myself. I am here to put good into this world, and to implement that good not just in just grand extravagant gestures once a year or something but through the eloquent sophistication of the simplicity of every day."