Promotion of Educational & Cultural Interests

The second object of Article II states “to promote their educational and cultural interests.” As Delta Gammas, we encourage each other to achieve our academic potential through hard work, and we celebrate when a member succeeds. Gamma Zeta’s members come from so many different states, backgrounds and families. Though the culture we grow up in varies, we are able to share our stories and interests with each other and grow in respect and appreciation of our differences and individuality. 

Going into college, I knew the reason I was attending school was to get a better education and a degree in my chosen field. However, I never knew how much of an impact being a DG would have on my success in achieving this goal. The friends that I have made through DG have been the ones to stand by my side when I’m overly stressed, join me on coffee dates when I need to study and work, and encourage me to do what I need to do even when that means having to miss out on other plans. Without the girls of DG by my side, I know I would not be nearly as successful in school as I have been the past two semesters. As an out of state student, I have had my fair share of tough nights when I am missing home and needed a hug from my family. It has been the encouragement of the girls in my member class, the friends I have made through Step Show and Songfest, and the amazing upperclassmen that have given me the support that I have needed in those times to make me successful as a student, a dancer, and an extremely happy girl at LSU. I can’t thank DG enough for everything that they have done for me and the amazing experiences I have had so far. Keep doing good, ladies!

-Gabby Pantani, New Initiate

I am forever thankful that I, a super nerd, have found a home away from home through DG.  DG not only rewards members for achieving good grades (with delicious Bundt cakes and coffee, nonetheless!), but has also made the overall transition into college and college classes much smoother.  Large and intimidating classes are made much less stressful knowing that I’ll most likely have a sister in every class.  DG has also linked me with some amazing pre-law women in my sorority that I know I can count on in helping me prepare for law school.  DG was founded by three strong, educated women, and even today it bonds women with similar educational interests together to help guide each other to a much sweeter success.  My life is a happier one knowing that I have women pushing me to succeed, and celebrating my successes.

-Sam Kennedy, Director of Service

Delta Gamma promotes educational and cultural interests by inspiring girls to not only put in the time to succeed in school but too look beyond the books and see what our interests will look like in the future. Delta Gamma has encouraged me to challenge my goals, my faith, and my motives to a new level, one that will focus on using my interests and talents to help others. I am studying to become an Environmental Engineer, and Delta Gamma has promoted my involvement in my major by joining clubs outside DG, meeting girls in DG with a similar passion for the environment, and hosting study nights at the house. Additionally, the Gamma Zeta chapter pushes for a more environmentally friendly system by removing all the Styrofoam cups from the kitchen and cutting down on the amount of plastics. This supports my educational and cultural interests and also acts as a statement to the rest of the sorority. Delta Gamma is a home where you are challenged to step out of your comfort zone, encouraged to meet new people, and inspired to use your talents and interests to change the world.

-Marisa Bordes, Junior

One of my favorite lines of Article II is the one that states that one of the purposes of DG is to “promote their educational and cultural interests.” For me, this means that DG takes pride in knowing that at the end of my 4 years of college, I will have more than memories from GRUBs (and the t-shirts to match) and a swarm of new friends. DG cares that I am a well-educated and culturally informed woman ready to join the rest of the world post-graduation, which is just the kind of woman I want to be when I graduate. I see this implemented through Gamma Zeta’s Personal Interest Groups (or PIGs). Through these clubs-within-the-club, we meet and get to know fellow DGs who have the same interests as us – whether that be Harry Potter, the arts, or sports of any kind. These shared interests lead us to form the best kind of friendships. DG has allowed me to cultivate my interests, expand my horizons and have a safe place to “nerd out” with some of my closest friends who share the same interest in books, history, theater and movies as me. And that has been one of the greatest things DG has given me.

-Emily Guidroz, Senior