To Develop In Them the Best Qualities of Character

“To develop in them the best qualities of character” is the last object of Article II we will explore as National Ritual Celebration Week wraps up tomorrow. The founders definitely left this last point up to interpretation…what are the best qualities of character? This could mean something different for everyone and allows for expression of individuality; however, we also can say that if these qualities are the “best,” than these qualities will share in honoring both Delta Gamma and each other.

"My time in Delta Gamma has been short, but it has been one of the most impactful experiences in my life. I have made the best of friends. My sisters show me enthusiasm, sincerity, and hospitality always, even those who I don't get to speak to often. Someone is always ready to share a couch and a conversation in the Ritz. I have also met people whose values align with my own and people who encourage me to be my best self daily. My sisters and I hold each other accountable. We are all part of something larger than ourselves, and it is our responsibility to represent Delta Gamma together. I find that my sisters around me complete their tasks with diligence and initiative, but they are also very humble. We do the things we do not for recognition or pride, but to honor Delta Gamma and to uphold it's values. We do the things we do because we do good."

-Bailey Jones, New Initiate

"Throughout my time in Delta Gamma, I have truly seen myself grow as a person and I’ve watched my peers do the same. Delta Gamma does a wonderful job of instilling the importance of creating a true sense of self and becoming the best woman you can be which I have certainly noticed taking effect in members of my chapter. It’s almost too hard to put into words the experience of being a member of this chapter. The women in this chapter have continually helped me to grow as a person and I hope I continue to do the same for them. I am constantly learning from these women. Whether we’re bouncing ideas off of each other at JCMT meetings, or just sitting and talking about how our days went, we are always growing from each other. We strive to “develop the best qualities of character” in our members and this is truly apparent within Gamma Zeta chapter. I’ve had some rough days and my sisters have been there with words of encouragement; and I’ve had some amazing days and my sisters have also been there with words of support! The women of Delta Gamma have proven themselves to be selfless, caring women that want to Do Good for the world. We strive to become active members of our community. I know so many DGs in organizations across campus from student government to the track team who push me to become more involved at LSU and to find my passions. Gamma Zeta women are highly involved in service, and seeing their love of service makes me love it even more. We participate in service to the Delta Gamma Foundation and countless other organizations as well. One of my favorite experiences was going on a mission trip last summer with some Delta Gammas. We loved every minute of it so this year we’ve planned another one and invited more DGs to come along! Every minute of every day, we are pushing each other to be the best person we can be and I think that’s what makes Delta Gamma so special."

-Margaret Mangelli, Assistant Director of Anchor Bowl, Sophomore

"While Article II in its entirety has affected my life, the part that stands out to me the most is “to develop in them the best qualities of character.” In my opinion, this objective combines the rest of Article II with all of the values of Delta Gamma, and it is a call for each Delta Gamma woman to walk in these standards. Looking back to the beginning of my Delta Gamma experience, I believe that I was chosen to be a Delta Gamma because my values lined up with the women of this chapter. However, as I developed friendships with the older members and saw the way they lived out Article II, these values evolved into my qualities of my character that I, too, have learned to live out. Consequently, this objective carries me not only in my Delta Gamma world, but outside of it as well. In my internships, in my additional organizations, and in school, I strive to the best I can be through maintaining honesty, integrity, and diligence. In return, the greatest reward is seeing how the passing on of Delta Gamma values in my life has the same effect on the younger girls."

-Cecilia Vasquez, Junior

"I have become a more well-rounded and self-confident person because of the women of Delta Gamma. In our ritual, we state that our members strive to develop the best qualities of character. And we live up to it. This part of the ritual most impacted me when I was deciding whether to study abroad my junior year. I was extremely nervous, but my DG friends could not have shown more support and encouragement when I needed that push in the right direction. Because of them, I was able to develop the confidence to step onto that plane to England all by myself to have the most eye-opening experience of my life. I won’t ever be able to thank them enough for that. I still don’t think I realized just how much of a support network I had while I was away until I moved back into the DG house after that semester abroad. It felt like I had never left my friends and the amount of girls (that I didn’t even know knew my name) that genuinely wanted to hear about my experience was humbling - and reminded me of why I joined Delta Gamma. These women have continuously helped me become a better person."

-Kristen Shaw, Senior