Why I Anchored Wednesday

Why I anchored? Well, to be honest, through the craziness of recruitment week, the only thing I can remember is an overwhelming sense of comfort in the Delta Gamma house. So that is why I chose DG, for the comfort I experienced the week before my freshman year of college. It's a sense that has remained with me to this day. Within the first few days of college, I met my best friend on preference night at DG. She’s my other half, and I absolutely know I owe my existence as a DG to her. I don’t know a single person in DG who hasn’t met "their person”, but we're also all blessed to have over a hundred other close friends. Each day as I walk around campus or study at the house, I strike up a conversation with a new DG. As a girl who only lives an hour away from LSU but wanted to have a fresh experience in my sorority, I can’t even tell you how amazing that feeling is. Meeting new people in DG has enriched my life in ways I could never imagine. The fulfilling life I've come to know in college is the reason why I choose to stay in DG. I wake up and go to class with other DGs, who I have spent countless hours studying with. I go to the house to sit on the front swing for lunch with some of my best friends, then I may go walk LSU’s lakes, play intramural soccer, or maybe rock climb with some sisters. At the end of the day, I come home to my four roommates, who are all DGs, and we may sing karaoke or set off fire alarms with our attempts at cooking. Everyday is an incredible combination of feeling at home and pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones. 

If you take anything away from this post, my main message is that DG is everything you want it to be and everything you never knew you needed.  I stay because DG gives endlessly without ever asking for anything. I hope in some ways I contribute to the sisterhood that has given me so much comfort in such an unpredictable part of my life. I am surrounded by girls who make every moment of my college experience outstandingly better and who are always looking to improve our sorority (although in my personal opinion, DG is pretty amazing the way it is). The question I answered in this post was was why I anchored, but I think the real question is, "why wouldn’t you?"


- Mary Duet, junior