Why I Anchored Wednesday

Coming to LSU from out of state, knowing no one and going through recruitment was terrifying, but I could tell early on that DG was the place for me. It was one of those, "when you know, you know" moments. I had unique and raw conversations with each of the girls I spoke with during recruitment. Most girls you talk to in this chapter will say the same thing as I will when they think back on recruitment week; something about the house just made me feel comfortable. I could feel the ~good vibes~.

Come bid day though, it was definitely scary running into a cluster of girls knowing only a few of their faces from rush. After the running, hugging and screaming, you kind of think to yourself, "Okay, now what?" I think anyone could agree that the comfort and security that you feel during rush can easily be replaced with anxiety and fear of making new friends once you're actually a part of the chapter. With that being said though, I remember being extremely impressed and surprised by how rapidly I became comfortable in this chapter. That fear and anxiety went out the door.

Immediately after bid day at one of our new member meetings, I started making friends instantly. It was so clear that all of the other members, new or not, were just as interested in meeting new people and making new friends as I was. Now, I have made some of my best friends for life through DG. I have made so many amazing memories and it's only been one year! My absolute favorite part of this chapter though, is that while I have made so many close friends already, I know that I will absolutely continue to make more as time goes on.


- Lucy Sedky, sophomore