National Ritual Celebration Week Wrap-Up

What a week! It has been so humbling and inspiring to watch my chapter of Delta Gamma celebrate ritual the way we do. It was not something orchestrated or done with much thought. It was not forced or even performed. Celebrating Gamma Zeta and our ritual this week just seemed so natural to all. It was truly a beauty in itself, to witness ritual come to life all the while celebrating that same ritual.

It was my prayer that this week eyes would be opened, hearts would be filled, minds would be inspired, and perspectives would be transformed. I hope each person involved found one thing to resonate within her always. Even if just one person walked away from this week of reminding and reflecting with a greater appreciation for ritual and what it stands for, that’s a success in my book. I believe there is power in that, for one with passion is better than none.

The other day, my Dad told me something that will stick with me forever: “Keep up the good work and realize that in a gentle way, you can shake the world.” First of all, what an amazing text message to wake up to. But also, I was in awe of the truth behind his words.

I will leave you all with the same words as National Ritual Celebration Week comes to a close. Keep on doing good, Gamma Zeta; let’s continue sharing our ritual and exploring its significance but, most importantly, living it out. Though each of us are just one of many who are a part of Delta Gamma, we know our role is heavy and calls us to live up to the values of our founders. Let us remind each other constantly of this commitment—to friendship, education, responsibility, and character. Remember that living our ritual every day is yet another gentle way of shaking the world.

I’m so glad I had the honor of preparing this week and serving Delta Gamma this year as director of rituals. Thank you to all who helped to make this week one to remember. Let the celebration continue!

-Courtney Lott, Director of Rituals, Sophomore