Fan Day 2016

Fan day was an amazing night filled with smiles, laughs, and inspiration. When the kids from the Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired showed up to the DG house, the moment they walked through the door they lit up the room. Before the speaker, all the kids and chapter members were hanging out, eating, and just enjoying their time together. 

When the athletes began showed up all the little boys started to really open up and ask a lot of questions varying from, “What’s it like to play against Alabama?” to “Do you believe that someday I could be a tiger too?” While the boys were having a blast with the athletes, the little girls were drawn to the Golden Girls and cheerleaders that came. 

It seemed as though the coolest thing that happened all night was when football star, Leonard Fournette walked in. Everyone was asking for pictures and hugs. He even signed some of the boys’ shirts. I’ve never seen a boy smile as big as when his idol sat and actually had a conversation with him. 

Over all I think that fan day is the most successful event of the year, not only for DG, but for the kids at LSVI.

Delaney McNorton, Sophomore