Why I Anchored Wednesday

Before going through recruitment I can remember investigating (aka stalking) every chapters' social media and websites. I read all of the advice columns and blog posts about going through recruitment, and everyone said the same thing, "Our sisterhood is the best. Our Chapter feels like home to me. I have made life long friends through my sorority." I remember thinking, "Wow! This is going to be so hard if everyone has the best sisterhood," but during Philanthropy round Delta Gamma stood heads above the rest. All of the other houses were great, but DG was something more. As I sat and talked to Rebecca, I had an overwhelming sense of calmness take over. It's so cliche' but I felt like I was "home." Rebecca said it best when she told me, "Delta Gamma in one word is genuine." This could not be more true! DG is genuine in our sisterhood,  genuine in our philanthropy, and we genuinely care about one another. This is when I knew Delta Gamma was the place for me.

Coming from North Louisiana, one of my concerns was not knowing many girls in DG. Preference night came, and Remy, a girl from my home town [spoiler alert: she also became my big],  told me she loved being in DG because it gave her a chance to branch out and make friends with girls from different places while still having hometown friends in other sororities. Right after that party I knew Delta Gamma was the only place for me and ranked my preferences that way.

After the call period came on Bid Day, I knew I was officially pledged to Delta Gamma. I was so happy I cried in the Miller elevator with random girls! Joining Delta Gamma has been the best decision I have made in college. It has brought me even more joy and excitement to my college experience. As I learn more about DG and face the ups and downs of college, I can not imagine my life without my Delta Gamma sisters.


- Ally Waldrop, sophomore