Why I Anchored Wednesday

When going through recruitment, I was SO nervous. I remember going to two houses before going to DG and I was still nervous, but as soon as I walked into DG all my nerves went away. I loved the conversations I had with the girls there. They were so easy going and everything flowed nicely. It was never awkward.

It was during Sisterhood round that I realized DG was the place for me. Through our conversations, I could tell all the girls were so genuine, nice and actually cared about what I had to say. It was in these short 45 minutes that I knew I would find my true friends here and make memories that would last a lifetime.

Now here I am going into my sophomore year, and I can fully say that going DG was the best decision I have ever made and that I have found my friends that will last forever!


-- Elisabeth Sutton, sophomore