Why I Anchored Wednesday

Initially, I had no idea if I wanted to go through recruitment. I knew LSU was going to be a huge school, but I also knew I wanted to transform a very large community into a smaller, close-knit one where the people shared similar values as me. When looking into sorority recruitment, I thought to myself: "Go for it, why not?!"

My mom wasn't in a sorority, so I did not feel outside pressure to join one specific sorority over another. However, I knew after philanthropy round, I wanted Delta Gamma to become that small community within LSU for me. The girls valued hands-on service, and were extremely passionate when discussing Delta Gamma's philanthropy. I never felt more comfortable going into a sorority house during recruitment as I did with DG. I could immediately tell the girls were genuine, and that's exactly the type of community I wanted to be a part of.

Looking back now, joining Delta Gamma is one of the best decisions I have ever made. DG has not only given me some of my lifelong best friends, as well as some of the best and funniest memories, but it has also become my home away from home.

- MK Loos, Junior