Why I Anchored Wednesday

Did you ever have that feeling when you were younger where you never wanted to leave your friend’s house during a sleepover because you thought it was the coolest place on earth and you never wanted to go home? Well, when I went through recruitment 3 years ago I had no idea that DG would be my dream sleepover destination that my 8 year old self dreamed of.

Coming into college, I wanted to be courageous enough to try new experiences, but I was not positive “sorority life” was included in my future plans. I had just spent the past 4 years of my life at an all-girls school (Go Stickers!!) and the past 6 years traveling 24/7 playing competitive volleyball.  I had NO idea what exactly I was looking for when I came to LSU.

It’s hard to really fall in love with a house after only spending 5 hours total throughout the whole week during the speed dating event that is Recruitment. I may have dropped my anchor on bid day, but it’s the experiences and the people I have encountered over the past 3 years that keep my anchor put! My love isn’t for the Delta Gamma house; it’s for the Delta Gamma people. Never in my life have I had so many talented, spirited superwomen that I look up to and who influence me to be a better individual. BUT the biggest thing is all 320 of them remind me how much fun life is every single day. Delta Gamma has helped me grow so much in the past few years more than I did when I was a child (That’s saying A LOT since I was a tall giant beast.) No other place has pushed me to discover the endless possibilities I can overcome and achieve. I am convinced the endless laughter, support, and opportunities this place has provided for me truly shows that this is the exact place I am supposed to be. With a multitude of different personalities, interests, and hobbies, there is never a dull moment or story that unfolds within the walls of this house.

Delta Gamma is the sleepover place that I will be devastated to leave in a year. Especially when your roommate is your best friend, it truly is the ultimate dream of any 8 year old. I just hope that every girl has the opportunity to encounter the Delta Gamma experience just like I did.


- Morgan Bell, senior