Why I Anchored Wednesday


The second I walked through Delta Gamma's doors, I instantly felt welcomed and at home. I found something in common with each of the intelligent and not to mention ~stunning~ women I spoke with. The DG's that I chatted with on the first day of recruitment actually became my very best friends, role models, and roommates! All of the women I met that week were so genuine, well rounded, and actually interested in getting to know me and that didn't change after bid day. I learned pretty quickly that these girls were the type to drop absolutely anything to be there for their friends!

I have never been a part of something that is as empowering and uplifting as Delta Gamma. The girls in this sorority instantly became my soulmates. They challenge me to be the best version of myself and I truly believe that I'm a better person because I'm a member of such an incredible organization. DG is a place where I can go and be 100% me. These girls have helped me become my best and most authentic self and I'm not quite sure where I would be without them. That's why I anchored and I'm so proud that I did. It was the best decision I could have ever made and I'd make it 100 times more!

Jena Vizzini, junior

Why I Anchored Wednesday

DG is a place where I spend time doing things I love! It is a place in which I can do things with people that share the same interests.

I love to go to the house, because I've met so many people through dinner, studying, and Mondays watching the bachelor. 

DG is a place where I can talk to anyone and everyone. It's a place that I don't feel intimidated, and a place that I can start a conversation with anyone I run into. 

I love walking around campus and seeing other DGs, it makes me feel like I always have a familiar face wherever I go. Everyone is so friendly, and that is something that means a lot to me. 

I like to be around people who support me and want the best for me, and DG is just that. It is a place where I have tried new things, like making an anchor bowl team, dunk booths, and spend my Wednesday evening visiting with LSVI children. 

DG is also a sisterhood that places value in service. This has opened my eyes to opportunities to give back and serve others, which is something that I never really took interest in before. 

I love DG for the people and best friends that I have made, as well as the memories and values I have acquired. DG has allowed me to come out of my comfort zone, and to make my college experience one worth wild, and most importantly to develop me into the best young woman I can be. And that's why I anchored and could not have made a better decision.

- Kaitlyn McAuliffe, Sophomore

Why I Anchored Wednesday

Every potential member goes through recruitment week dreaming of the house and the sisterhood of their dreams. For some girls their perfect home revolves around leadership, for some it's friendship, and for others it's being a part of something bigger than themselves. For me, this year has been about figuring out exactly what being a sorority woman and the Delta Gamma means to me.

Even though I fell in love with DG from the beginning there was no way I could've realized how much it would end up meaning to me. For me, Delta Gamma means dedication and goals. Every day I surround myself with these women that are not only dedicated to others but also their own dreams, aspirations, and the women they wish to become. And whether it's a chapter wide goal or something as simple as getting to the gym after a tough day, it never ceases to amaze me how driven my sisters are. 

I decided to anchor because I realized that I wanted to be surrounded by not only smart, confident, beautiful women but also those that will hold me to my best character and push me to become the best version of myself. 

There is no doubt in my mind that DG is where I was meant to call home.

- Esabel Williams, Sophomore

2016 Golden Anchor Ball

The Golden Anchor Ball is always an event everyone looks forward too. It is filled with so much excitement! For me personally, it is one of the only nights of the year that I actually get to go get my nails done, do my hair up nice, wear a little more makeup than what might be considered socially acceptable, and wear a dress that makes me feel like a million dollars. However, there is so much more to formal. It’s a time to welcome in our new initiates and bond with all of the sisters we don’t always get to see.

We all have busy schedules and don’t always have the time we wish we did to hang out with all of our sisters. Fortunately, formal is one of the best times to do just that.

As sophomore Rachel Rovira puts it, “I always love formal because it gives us a reason to relax and be around the people we love and feel special for a night! We are forced to make time for all the girls in DG that we don’t always get to see because of our busy schedules!”

What could be better than dancing the night away with all of your sisters?! 

Not only do all of the sisters of Delta Gamma get to experience the fun of formal, but so do the parents of all of the new initiates!

As freshman Leah Haile said, “One thing I really liked the most about formal and I think made it a really awesome experience for everyone who came was the band and the music they played! They played a mixture of older and newer music which was nice because it made the parents want to stay and ‘attempt’ to dance like in my dad’s case.”

That’s right, Delta Gamma parents know how to have a good time. It’s so fun being able to let go of any worries and just have a good time with your parents when you’re a freshman. I know that was one of the highlights of my freshman year formal!

Although the dancing is fun, one of the most important things formal is about is presenting all of Delta Gamma’s beautiful new initiates. It is such a special moment to be presented as an official member of Delta Gamma. Formal is the final stamp as a new initiate. You have learned all of the history of our chapter, been initiated into the chapter, and now you get to be formally presented as a woman of Delta Gamma. What a thrill to celebrate all of our new sisters!

Over all, formal brought all of the sisters of Delta Gamma together for an unforgettable night!

- Katie O'Quin, Sophomore

Sisterhood Spotlight: Gabi Borel & Emiley Dillon

Two of our sisters, junior Gabi Borel and freshman Emiley Dillon, will compete in today's Miss LSU pageant. We are incredibly proud of these two! Here's a quick backstage look at them before showtime!


Gabi Borel

Gabi Borel, a New Iberia native, is majoring in kinesiology and minoring in biology. Last year, she started focusing on exercising and healthier eating, which led her to apply for Miss LSU. Meeting a variety of new people in the pageant process, Gabi said being a participant is a fun mix of "hard work, practicing and pampering yourself." In addition to Delta Gamma, she's a member of Volunteer LSU and the Kinesiology Club. Gabi said she is participating to serve as an example for others that "there truly isn't anything you can't do."

"I thought [Miss LSU] would be a great opportunity to set even more goals for myself and to also show others it is all about the confidence you have in yourself." - Gabi Borel


Emiley Dillon

Mass communication major Emiley Dillon is from Shreveport. A member of Tiger TV, Freshman Leadership Council, National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Alpha Lambda Delta honor society, Emiley said she applied for Miss LSU because she wanted to meet more people outside the organizations she is involved in. Participating in the pageant has allowed her to make new friends, develop a healthy lifestyle in preparation for the swimsuit portion, and keep up with current events surrounding LSU. However, Emiley's main reason for participating is to spread awareness for her nonprofit "The Dance Project," a free summer dance camp for preteen girls that promotes confidence and healthy body image.

"As Miss LSU, I would serve as a role model for girls everywhere and would be able to promote not just the camp, but the values behind the camp." - Emiley Dillon

Sisterhood Spotlight: Morgan Schuetz

Morgan Schuetz is just like any other Delta Gamma at LSU. Except for the fact that she’s an SEC champion runner.

As a member of Member Class 2012, and an LSU senior, Morgan has also been on the LSU Cross Country Team, and the LSU Track Team all four years at LSU. Morgan has always been at the top of her races, and this past semester, she won the 800-meter race at the SEC Indoor Track Championship.

She ran it in two minutes and five-seconds. Morgan was only the fifth LSU athlete ever to win this race.

“I’ve learned so much about myself. Running has helped me branch out and really learn what hard work and dedication truly means,” said Schuetz on her running. 

In addition to being the SEC champion, Morgan placed 13th nationally in the 800-meter race.

“Not only running, but also with DG, I was able to meet and befriend so many people from all different walks of life," said Schuetz on what stands out about her four years at LSU. "I’ve also been able to learn from a lot of people and grow and see the world in a different way. I like the person I’ve become so much more because of all the people I’ve met through my experiences at LSU.”

Balancing running and DG is a lot to undertake, and Morgan does it all with such an earnest and genuine heart.

“I guess Delta Gamma is just one of those things I couldn’t see my life without. Although I can’t come to everything, I love the girls in it and feel so welcomed every time I walk through the door. It’s hard to explain what it all means to me, it’s just something I feel. I proud to be a Gamma Zeta and all of my sisters are doing incredible things all through campus and I’m so proud to be a part of that. “

We are so incredibly proud of Morgan and can’t wait to see her accomplish more both in DG and in Cross Country & Track!

- Mary Catherine Srofe, Senior

Fan Day 2016

Fan day was an amazing night filled with smiles, laughs, and inspiration. When the kids from the Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired showed up to the DG house, the moment they walked through the door they lit up the room. Before the speaker, all the kids and chapter members were hanging out, eating, and just enjoying their time together. 

When the athletes began showed up all the little boys started to really open up and ask a lot of questions varying from, “What’s it like to play against Alabama?” to “Do you believe that someday I could be a tiger too?” While the boys were having a blast with the athletes, the little girls were drawn to the Golden Girls and cheerleaders that came. 

It seemed as though the coolest thing that happened all night was when football star, Leonard Fournette walked in. Everyone was asking for pictures and hugs. He even signed some of the boys’ shirts. I’ve never seen a boy smile as big as when his idol sat and actually had a conversation with him. 

Over all I think that fan day is the most successful event of the year, not only for DG, but for the kids at LSVI.

Delaney McNorton, Sophomore

National Ritual Celebration Week Wrap-Up

What a week! It has been so humbling and inspiring to watch my chapter of Delta Gamma celebrate ritual the way we do. It was not something orchestrated or done with much thought. It was not forced or even performed. Celebrating Gamma Zeta and our ritual this week just seemed so natural to all. It was truly a beauty in itself, to witness ritual come to life all the while celebrating that same ritual.

It was my prayer that this week eyes would be opened, hearts would be filled, minds would be inspired, and perspectives would be transformed. I hope each person involved found one thing to resonate within her always. Even if just one person walked away from this week of reminding and reflecting with a greater appreciation for ritual and what it stands for, that’s a success in my book. I believe there is power in that, for one with passion is better than none.

The other day, my Dad told me something that will stick with me forever: “Keep up the good work and realize that in a gentle way, you can shake the world.” First of all, what an amazing text message to wake up to. But also, I was in awe of the truth behind his words.

I will leave you all with the same words as National Ritual Celebration Week comes to a close. Keep on doing good, Gamma Zeta; let’s continue sharing our ritual and exploring its significance but, most importantly, living it out. Though each of us are just one of many who are a part of Delta Gamma, we know our role is heavy and calls us to live up to the values of our founders. Let us remind each other constantly of this commitment—to friendship, education, responsibility, and character. Remember that living our ritual every day is yet another gentle way of shaking the world.

I’m so glad I had the honor of preparing this week and serving Delta Gamma this year as director of rituals. Thank you to all who helped to make this week one to remember. Let the celebration continue!

-Courtney Lott, Director of Rituals, Sophomore

To Develop In Them the Best Qualities of Character

“To develop in them the best qualities of character” is the last object of Article II we will explore as National Ritual Celebration Week wraps up tomorrow. The founders definitely left this last point up to interpretation…what are the best qualities of character? This could mean something different for everyone and allows for expression of individuality; however, we also can say that if these qualities are the “best,” than these qualities will share in honoring both Delta Gamma and each other.

"My time in Delta Gamma has been short, but it has been one of the most impactful experiences in my life. I have made the best of friends. My sisters show me enthusiasm, sincerity, and hospitality always, even those who I don't get to speak to often. Someone is always ready to share a couch and a conversation in the Ritz. I have also met people whose values align with my own and people who encourage me to be my best self daily. My sisters and I hold each other accountable. We are all part of something larger than ourselves, and it is our responsibility to represent Delta Gamma together. I find that my sisters around me complete their tasks with diligence and initiative, but they are also very humble. We do the things we do not for recognition or pride, but to honor Delta Gamma and to uphold it's values. We do the things we do because we do good."

-Bailey Jones, New Initiate

"Throughout my time in Delta Gamma, I have truly seen myself grow as a person and I’ve watched my peers do the same. Delta Gamma does a wonderful job of instilling the importance of creating a true sense of self and becoming the best woman you can be which I have certainly noticed taking effect in members of my chapter. It’s almost too hard to put into words the experience of being a member of this chapter. The women in this chapter have continually helped me to grow as a person and I hope I continue to do the same for them. I am constantly learning from these women. Whether we’re bouncing ideas off of each other at JCMT meetings, or just sitting and talking about how our days went, we are always growing from each other. We strive to “develop the best qualities of character” in our members and this is truly apparent within Gamma Zeta chapter. I’ve had some rough days and my sisters have been there with words of encouragement; and I’ve had some amazing days and my sisters have also been there with words of support! The women of Delta Gamma have proven themselves to be selfless, caring women that want to Do Good for the world. We strive to become active members of our community. I know so many DGs in organizations across campus from student government to the track team who push me to become more involved at LSU and to find my passions. Gamma Zeta women are highly involved in service, and seeing their love of service makes me love it even more. We participate in service to the Delta Gamma Foundation and countless other organizations as well. One of my favorite experiences was going on a mission trip last summer with some Delta Gammas. We loved every minute of it so this year we’ve planned another one and invited more DGs to come along! Every minute of every day, we are pushing each other to be the best person we can be and I think that’s what makes Delta Gamma so special."

-Margaret Mangelli, Assistant Director of Anchor Bowl, Sophomore

"While Article II in its entirety has affected my life, the part that stands out to me the most is “to develop in them the best qualities of character.” In my opinion, this objective combines the rest of Article II with all of the values of Delta Gamma, and it is a call for each Delta Gamma woman to walk in these standards. Looking back to the beginning of my Delta Gamma experience, I believe that I was chosen to be a Delta Gamma because my values lined up with the women of this chapter. However, as I developed friendships with the older members and saw the way they lived out Article II, these values evolved into my qualities of my character that I, too, have learned to live out. Consequently, this objective carries me not only in my Delta Gamma world, but outside of it as well. In my internships, in my additional organizations, and in school, I strive to the best I can be through maintaining honesty, integrity, and diligence. In return, the greatest reward is seeing how the passing on of Delta Gamma values in my life has the same effect on the younger girls."

-Cecilia Vasquez, Junior

"I have become a more well-rounded and self-confident person because of the women of Delta Gamma. In our ritual, we state that our members strive to develop the best qualities of character. And we live up to it. This part of the ritual most impacted me when I was deciding whether to study abroad my junior year. I was extremely nervous, but my DG friends could not have shown more support and encouragement when I needed that push in the right direction. Because of them, I was able to develop the confidence to step onto that plane to England all by myself to have the most eye-opening experience of my life. I won’t ever be able to thank them enough for that. I still don’t think I realized just how much of a support network I had while I was away until I moved back into the DG house after that semester abroad. It felt like I had never left my friends and the amount of girls (that I didn’t even know knew my name) that genuinely wanted to hear about my experience was humbling - and reminded me of why I joined Delta Gamma. These women have continuously helped me become a better person."

-Kristen Shaw, Senior